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The Houston Rockets Are Now In Prime Position To Trade For Jimmy Butler


After all the stalling Tom Thibodeau and the Minnesota Timberwolves have done to try and refrain from trading away All-Star Jimmy Butler, only a handful of teams now remain interested in Butler's' services, down from the reported 6-8 teams that were initially calling Minnesota to make a deal.

It's been around a week since Butler made it known he'd like to be traded out of Minnesota, due to locker room clashes with Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins, and President of Basketball Operations Tom Thibodeau has taken his sweet time in trying to find a suitable trade partner for the Wolves.

The Miami Heat were originally very interested in trading for Butler, and the feeling was mutual between the Heat and Butler himself, but it was then later reported that the Wolves were making it as difficult as possible during negotiations, knocking back multiple trade offers and not lowering their asking price.

Because of this, Miami has become somewhat less interested in making a deal with Minnesota, and the Houston Rockets have now swooped in to try and claim Jimmy.

According to Minnesota sports blogger Dominique Clare, the Rockets are reportedly willing to give up sharpshooter Eric Gordon, as well as a draft pick among other assets to acquire Jimmy Butler, dragging a third team into the equation to make contracts work, something the Sacramento Kings would be happy to do if they were to receive a few draft picks of their own.

A deal involving this many moving parts, as well as a reluctant coach/president in the form of Thibodeau means that it may take a few days for all parties to hammer out the details, but if a deal is able to be made before the start of the season, the Houston Rockets will be in prime position to take down the Golden State Warriors this year.