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The Kevin Love Sweepstakes Officially Begin As Six-Month Trade Restriction Is Lifted


First Kyrie, then LeBron, and now Kevin Love. Following their 2016 Championship, pieces of their once famous big-three started to fall, with Love being the only one still there. Though the case could be made that even he isn't really all the way "there" anymore.

Six months after signing his massive four-year, $120 million contract extension, not only has Love only played 4 games this season, but his fit and role with the team have been doubted as well.

The Cavs are much worse than they thought they'd be to start the season, currently in the midst of a nightmarish 9-40 record.

This puts the Cavs in position to tank, with the draft coming up and Zion Williamson looking to be a franchise-changing player.

Even when Love does come back, how does he fit that mold? He isn't good enough to put the team anywhere near playoff contention but provides a big enough spark to weaken their chances of earning a top lottery pick in the summer.

That's why today, January 24th, is such a big deal for the Cavs, and for Love. It marks the day that Love's sixth-month trade restriction is lifted. He can finally be traded, which means any potential "deals" can be made official if both teams agree. As a result, expect talks to heat up between now and the February trade deadline, as multiple teams have already been in the hunt for Love.