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The LA Clippers Are Close To Sending A Trade Package To The Spurs For Kawhi Leonard


It seems Spurs star Kawhi Leonard could be a resident of Los Angeles sooner rather than later, but perhaps on the other side of town.

Trade rumors have been running rampant ever since it was revealed Leonard didn't want to play in San Antonio anymore, with a host of teams in contention for the two-time All-Star's services.

It was reported by Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN that Los Angeles was a destination that Kawhi -- a Californian native -- had his eye on over other teams, with the Lakers, given their popularity, immediately leading the race for Kawhi.

But the Lakers' little brother, the Los Angeles Clippers, also may have a chance to snag Kawhi, given the assets they're willing to part ways with.

According to sources not able to be named publically, the Clips are in the midst of formulating a trade package involving last season pickup Tobias Harris -- involved in the trade that sent Blake Griffin to Detroit -- as well either the 12th or the 13th pick in this year's draft, both belonging to the Clippers, via the LA Times.

"The Clippers have more to offer than the Lakers. They would be willing to create a package with forward Tobias Harris and the 12th or 13th pick in this year’s draft, according to a source not authorized to speak publicly."

Given the situation however, would the Clippers pull the trigger on a trade if they were unsure Kawhi would resign with them once his contract is up next year? Sure, the Clippers do play in LA, where Leonard wants to be, but their future is nowhere near as bright as the Lakers, especially if the Lakers manage to snag both Paul George and LeBron James this offseason.

With draft night fast approaching, a deal may be made formal very soon.