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The Lakers Know Who They're Willing To Give Up This Summer


While this summer should prove kind to the Lakers, they'll have to make some sacrifices if they are to make things work. After taking the past few years to build up their talented young core, Los Angeles is on track to finally get themselves back on track.

But after this summer, they're on pace to go even further than that. So far, this month has been the month of LA, with rumors flying rampant about Paul George, LeBron James, and Kawhi Leonard wanting to sign with the Lakers. This scenario isn't just fantasy either, as LA has the cap space to sign two max free agents. It's perfect. Well, almost perfect.

See, LeBron James is going to want to change some things around. And if he wants both PG and Kahwi in Los Angeles, a trade will have to happen. No matter what comes next, if LeBron is coming to the Lakers, it will likely mean that they'll have to give up one of their coveted young players.

According to Chris Haynes, the Lakers already know who that player will be.

Of course, it all hinges on LeBron James. If he chooses to go somewhere else, Lonzo Ball might end up staying. But if he really wants to become a Laker, Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka could Lonzo packing for more than a few reasons. For one, his Father, LaVar, always seems to cause a stir in the media. Getting him out of town might be less of a headache than keeping him there.

Also, Ball is probably the biggest question mark out of the entire Laker young core. His ineffective shot, coupled with inconsistent play, makes him the most expendable youngster. Additionally, there have been rumbling about LeBron's willingness to play with Lonzo, considering the drama his family ensues.

Will Magic choose young talent, or are the Lakers ready to give that up for a chance to win now?

No matter what the answer, one thing remains true: this will be a very important summer for the Lakers. The future of the franchise hangs in the balance.