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The New Orleans Pelicans Can Create The Best Big Three In The West: Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Bradley Beal

The New Orleans Pelicans Can Create The Best Big Three In The West: Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Bradley Beal

The New Orleans Pelicans have a losing record this season, but they have Zion Williamson and Brandon Ingram. Two stars who have already made an All-Star Team apiece and haven't hit their primes yet. They need one more star player to become an immediate factor in the West, and Bradley Beal should be the target.

Bradley Beal is currently the NBA's best scorer this season, averaging 32.9 PPG, and he fits perfectly alongside Zion and Ingram in New Orleans. By offering a massive trade package, here is how the Pelicans can add Beal to create the best Big Three in the Western Conference.

Trade Package: Lonzo Ball, J.J. Redick, Nickeil Alexander-Walker, 5 future first-round picks for Bradley Beal

The Pelicans Have The Best Trio In The Western Conference

The Pelicans are extremely fortunate to have drafted Zion Williamson to replace Anthony Davis. Davis was the franchise star for the Pelicans, but he requested a trade to the Lakers, which may have destroyed New Orleans as a competitive team. Or so we thought. Instead, the Pelicans acquired Brandon Ingram who became an All-Star last season and also got lucky in the Draft with Zion Williamson. Zion became an All-Star this season and is the immediate replacement for Davis.

If New Orleans acquires Bradley Beal, the West will be put on notice. Beal is only 27 years old, Zion is 20 years old, and Ingram is only 23. That means the Pelicans have at least 10 years to compete for the NBA title, and 6 years with Beal. Beal is the best scorer in the NBA averaging 32.9 PPG this season, and their trio would be completed with Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams.

The Pelicans are currently 11th in the Western Conference with a 15-20 record, but Beal takes them to a top-4 seed. Even if they only managed to make the Western Conference Semi-Finals or Western Conference Finals this season, they have a base to be legitimate contenders next year.

The Wizards Cash In On The Game’s Best Scorer

The Wizards are playing much better basketball, but hopes shouldn't be up that high. Russell Westbrook, as great as he is, cannot sustain his greatness for a full season and especially during the playoffs. Westbrook isn't the best decision-maker and the Wizards simply don't have enough around him to make up for his weaknesses.

Furthermore, Bradley Beal can't be expected to score 40 points every single night to keep the Wizards competitive. Beal has been sensational, but that won't lead to wins. Washington doesn't have defensive players on the squad and they grossly overpaid the likes of Davis Bertans. Washington are currently 12th in the East, and they should cash in on Beal right now for a load of picks.

The Pelicans want Zion and Ingram to compete in the playoffs, so they would offload 5 first-round picks and 2 talented young players to help Washington rebuild. As long as they have Beal with this roster, they only dream of being an average team. Rebuilding with 5 picks makes the most sense and Washington should cash in on their offensive superstar.


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