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The Pelicans Are Not Interested In Anything The Lakers Have to Offer


The Lakers are ready to trade for Anthony Davis. They have assembled a deal (a series of potential deals actually) and are pretty much willing to trade the world for Davis.

But are the Pelicans ready to trade with the Lakers? All indications point to no, and since he hasn't been traded yet, we can only assume something is holding them back. Except, rather than animosity or disdain, the thing preventing the Pels from making a deal with L.A. may simply be a lack of interest in who they have.

(via ESPN's Brian Windhorst on the Hoop Collective Podcast)

"From what sources have told me, The Pelicans are not interested... They're not interested in any of it. They're not interested in 2 first round picks and all 4 young players. They don't like the Lakers offer."

If true, it is a low blow to Los Angeles. Anthony Davis has been their primary target for years and literally refused to trade their assets so they would have enough to make a compelling package for A.D.

If none of the Lakers' offers intrigue the Pelicans, then there's not much they can do to get their hands on him before 2020 free-agency. Unless they make a trade for another asset New Orleans might have some more liking toward, L.A. is going to be put in a very uncomfortable situation going forward, similar to their current standing with Kawhi Leonard.

And that's not a situation they're going to like.

Last night, according to Adrian Wojnarowski, Los Angeles Lakers have offered Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Rajon Rondo, Michael Beasley, and a first round pick for Anthony Davis.

According to ESPN, Lakers have limited offers right now, but they still have time to improve the trade package.

The Lakers have limited offers to two of the franchise's top young players in every proposal, and resisted including more than a single first-round pick in offers, league sources said.

With five days left to make a deal to partner Davis with LeBron James, there's still time for the Lakers to improve offers. New Orleans hasn't responded to or countered those proposals, sources said.

Anthony Davis explains his trade requests and it is just a matter of time when he will play for the Los Angeles Lakers. This season, or when he becomes a free agent, we will see in the next few days.