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The Power Plan For The New York Knicks Is Coming True

New York Knicks

The world went wild when they found out the Knicks traded their best player and future superstar Kristaps Porzingis.

Essentially, all of the guys they got in return will be free-agents (or be bought out) except for Dennis Smith Jr., who is on his Rookie deal. New York got no star power back, despite giving the Knicks a really bright young player.

Even so, there might be a method to all the madness, a method that could be playing out right in front of us.

Reports came out earlier today that the Knicks have confidence they can get Durant. With his free-agency to come, many believe the Knicks pose a realistic chance at signing him.

Kyrie Irving, now months after his verbal commitment to Boston, seems to be hinting that he's open for the taking after telling reporters to "Ask me July 1" and that he owed nothing to anybody regarding his upcoming free-agency this summer.

Both of these instances occurred at around the same time the Knicks traded Porzingis. Either it's all a coincidence, or the Knicks are creating space for superstars because it's been their plan all along.

And let's not forget Duke phenom Zion Williamson, who could go to the Knicks if they land a lottery pick this summer (and they just might considering how bad they are this season).

A Zion, Irving, Durant trio would change the fate of the Knicks and would definitely redeem their decision to trade Porzingis. A scenario that would have been laughed at just a few months ago has become a very real one for New York all of a sudden. They might yet be on to something really, really big.