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"The Process" May Have One More Trick Up Its Sleeve


Among the suitors for San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard, the Philadelphia 76ers lie as long-shot contenders. While they have a better chance than most to get Kawhi to commit long-term, do they have the assets to acquire him? Better yet, do they have the assets to beat out the Lakers and Clippers for Kawhi's services? Probably not, sadly.

But just because Philly missed out on LeBron and is likely to strike out on Kahwi, it doesn't mean they have to stand pat as the summer rolls on.

While not nearly the biggest catch of the summer, Carmelo Anthony is about to become available... and the Sixers reportedly have a chance.

To be frank, the Thunder will not miss Carmelo. His abysmal contract coupled with his anemic shooting created a very toxic situation for the team and was part of the reason OKC got bounded by the Jazz in the first round in last season's playoffs.

But Carmelo can still provide plenty of value to a team of the right fit. While his fit with the Sixers is still a question mark, it's not hard to imagine him fitting in alongside Embiid and Simmons, especially considering how much shooting the team still needs.

To cath up with the Celtics, Philly will need to make a few more moves. Whether adding Melo may or may not be a step in the right direction, it certainly couldn't hurt to try.