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The Reason Why The Pelicans Might Not Want To Trade Anthony Davis To The Lakers


Something is brewing in Los Angeles. The fans feel it, NBA executives feel it, and just about anybody paying attention to the headlines lately can feel it.

It all centers around Anthony Davis, the 6'10" superstar from the Pelicans. Because of how good he is, and how bad New Orleans basketball is, there has been no shortage of headlines pointing him to Los Angeles. According to reports, the Lakers are in the "driver's seat" to acquire him this summer, when he is likely to request a trade.

But as things like this usually go, it's more complicated than that.

In a story by Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus, the Pelicans might find it harder to deal Davis to the Lakers if they know another star is already on the way.

“If Los Angeles had a commitment from Durant, Thompson or Leonard, the Pelicans would face massive public pressure to not trade Davis to the Lakers,” Pincus writes. “The outcry might be enough to sway the Pelicans in a completely different direction.”

Let's not forget that the Pelicans are under no obligation to trade Davis to the Lakers. Even though he can join the free-agent market in 2020, we've seen teams take the risk of a one-year rental before (Paul George, Kawhi Leonard), meaning there will be multiple options for New Orleans to explore.

Super-teams are obviously something fans frown upon. They want to see a competitive NBA. Teams aren't keen on helping their rivals make super-teams either, for much of the same reason.

So before we get too crazy with these Anthony Davis rumors (we probably already have), let's remember that he's not the only star connected to L.A. Whatever happens this summer will be crucial in determining where the league's biggest prize lands in the future.