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The Washington Wizards' Asking Price For Bradley Beal Has Been Revealed


The disappointing season by Washington has lead to a willingness to shake things up. Those within the organization and those on the outside looking in can sense something is coming.

That change won't involve John Wall, whose bad contract and injury concerns basically disqualify him from being dealt. Thus leaves Bradley Beal, a young shoot-first guard with an amazing stroke. There's much more upside and, therefore, much more interest.

But he won't come without a cost. According to Rob Beard of the Detroit News, the asking price for Bradley Beal is through the roof.

“I’ve heard that the market for Bradley Beal could be something like two first-rounders, a young asset and another player. That’s the ante — just to get put the admin assistant to put the call through.”

Essentially, the Wizards aren't even taking calls for Beal unless they know the offer includes two future first-round picks and a young player. As good as the young sharpshooter is, some are wondering if any team is willing to give up all of that for him.

After all, he's got his limits. Despite averaging 23.9 points per game this season, his defense is poor and we have yet to see how well he can handle things on his own, without John Wall to set him up.

He's just one of many names rumored to be on the move, sure. But his impact might carry a little more weight than some would think.