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There May Be One Team In The East That Kawhi Leonard Would Stay In


With the Kawhi Leonard saga expected to continue well into late July, many are beginning to doubt he'll even be traded at all.

According to reports, talks between the Spurs and Lakers (Kawhi's preferred destination), have been unsuccessful, with San Antonio's asking price being well beyond what the Lakers are willing to pay. Under normal circumstance, Kawhi's trade value would command a lot of return value, considering he's quite literally one of the five best basketball players in the world when healthy.

The problem for the Spurs has been Kawhi's unwillingness to commit to any team beyond the Lakers/Clippers, meaning that any team trying to make a trade for him would likely only have him for a year before he departs to Los Angeles anyway. For this reason, the Spurs' leverage remains low, despite the talent level of Leonard.

But there might be hope yet for the Spurs, as they seek to squeeze out the best deal possible for their disgruntled star.

According to Chris Haynes, there's a team besides the Lakers and Clippers that Kahwi would consider staying long-term. And they reside in the East:

As one of the bright young contending teams in the weakened Eastern Conference, the Sixers are not only built for short-term success but long-term dominance as well. And while the franchise isn't nearly as quiet as San Antonio has ever been, it would provide Kawhi with the big-market he desires on a team that is built to be good for a really, really long time.