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NBA Rumors: Timberwolves Are Serious Contender For Chris Paul

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

The Timberwolves have cooled off significantly after a hot start to the season. But with an 8-7 record and an 8th place standing in the West, Minnesota is still in a good position to compete for a postseason spot this season.

With an experienced guard like CP3, they might improve their position even further in the loaded Western Conference. According to a report published by Hoops Rumors on Tuesday, the Timberwolves might step up as potential suitors for the 9x All-Star.

“A team without major free agent aspirations for 2021 would be a better fit, so perhaps a club like the Timberwolves ultimately emerges as a more serious suitor."

With a lack of production in the backcourt, the Wolves would benefit greatly from Paul's services, even with his current contract.

Since his debut in 2005, CP3 has been known as an offensive genius on the basketball floor. He averages nearly 10 assists for his career and has always been near the top of the league in basketball IQ.

Alongside Karl-Anthony Towns, it's quite clear that the team would thrive offensively. And while the details of such a deal are still largely guess-work, expect the rumors around Paul to continue swirling in the months and weeks leading up to February's trade deadline.