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Top 8 Best Remaining NBA Free Agents

Credit: More Life Hoops

Credit: More Life Hoops

Free agency is already underway and with Paul George, DeMarcus Cousins and LeBron James inking their signatures on deals over the first couple of days, there are still a lot of pieces that need to fall on their place.

Several teams are being kind of cautious and waiting on whether who may get Kawhi Leonard and which other assets may or may not be moved, while quietly trying to land second-tier free agents.

There are a handful of young players and proven veterans that could still be very productive and have a lot of offers on their table, and today, we’re going to let you know about the top 8 remaining free agents still up for grabs.

8. Brook Lopez

Brook Lopez Lakers 1412412412142

Brook Lopez may be headed out the door with the Los Angeles Lakers signing JaVale McGee and deciding to keep Ivica Zubac, and he should have plenty of offers considering his offensive skill set.

Lopez has already earned a lot of money but has never had the chance to actually play for a contending team, so he should just go ahead and pick a side that could give him the opportunity of becoming an NBA Champion.

7. Jusuf Nurkic

Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Jusuf Nurkic was outstanding with the Portland Trail Blazers all season long and became a major factor why they were able to thrive so much throughout the entire regular campaign as a physical presence down low.

Nonetheless, with RIP City reportedly ready to break things up and trade either McCollum or Lillard, he may be better off elsewhere and should have a lot of offers considering how short the market for big men is right now.

6. Zach LaVine

zach lavine bulls

Zach LaVine is clearly one of the Chicago Bulls’ franchise cornerstones for the future, so they’re expected to match pretty much every offer any team makes for him, although they could still let him walk away if a team vastly overpays for him.

LaVine was great when he was able to come back following his season-ending injury and looks good for a bounce-back season as one of the Bulls’ go-to-guys in the offensive end, so keep an eye on him.

5. Marcus Smart

marcus smart boston celtics nba

Marcus Smart is reportedly kind of disappointed and hurt with the Boston Celtics because they’re still yet to make an offer and wouldn’t mind switching sides even though his desire is to stay put at the Garden.

Smart is one of the peskiest defenders in the league and his ability to guard 1 through 5 may grant him a lot of offers, although he still needs to put a lot of work to improve his shooting stroke from deep.

4. Dwyane Wade


Dwyane Wade is still yet to decide whether he’s still going to play in the league or if he will call it a day, but sources close to him believe he’s willing to commit for at least an extra season, either with the Heat or a contending team.

Wade has successfully embraced a lesser role off the bench and actually looked extremely solid in the playoffs, so any team should try and lure him with a mid-level offer before he decides to finally retire.

3. Jabari Parker

Photo by Steve Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Steve Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images

According to several reports, the Milwaukee Bucks are not expected to match any high bids for restricted free agent Jabari Parker, so all teams with enough cap space should try and gamble on the injury-prone forward.

Parker has a lot of upsides and was one of the most NBA ready offensive talents in the league by a long shot, but hasn’t been able to establish himself in the league due to several injuries over the course of his young career.

2. Clint Capela

clint capela rockets nba

Clint Capela was one of the main reasons why the Houston Rockets were able to succeed this year and get the best record in the league and was a lowkey Defensive Player of the Year candidate.

Capela has grown to be one of the most dominant defenders and rim protectors in the Association and is still pretty young, so the Rockets would be wise to match any offers they get for him.

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1. Isaiah Thomas

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Isaiah Thomas had an awful season with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers following a back injury, but could still have a lot of offers as a high-risk/high-reward pickup from desperate teams.

Thomas is not going to get any max offers for sure and we’re not even sure he’s starting point guard material anymore, but he’s already a potential Sixth Man of the Year candidate due to his instant offensive spark.