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Trail Blazers Could Land Kevin Love For Hassan Whiteside And 2021 1st-Round Pick

(via Cavaliers Nation)

(via Cavaliers Nation)

Winners of three straight games and back-to-back wins against the Rockets and Lakers, the Portland Trail Blazers seem to be finally getting their act together.

But with the trade deadline nearing, and the team's potential still so uncertain, a trade may still be in the cards for GM Neil Olshey. According to Dan Mennella of CBS Sports Radio, one of the more intriguing possibilities involves a Whiteside/Kevin Love swap with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“In this deal, the Blazers add Love to their nucleus for this season and two more, at the cost of a first-rounder,” Mennella wrote. “It’s not cheap, but Love isn’t a rental, and his arrival would be insurance for Jusuf Nurkic, who has missed the entire season to date while rehabbing compound fractures in his leg and remains without a firm timetable for his return.”

The addition of Carmelo and Ariza complicates the situation for Portland. In the event that they do get Love, who do they move to the bench? Who starts at the three for them?

Still, as a rebounding, long-distance sniper, Love is the type of big that most offenses would kill for. The Trail Blazers might benefit even more with him playing alongside Damian, CJ, and Nurkic.

The 31-year-old star is averaging 17.5 points and 9.7 rebounds this season. He could be the final piece this team needs to make a late-season playoff push.