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The Ringer Suggests Unrealistic Blockbuster Trade: John Wall And Multiple First-Round Picks For Russell Westbrook

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

It's deadline day -- which means the imagination of people in the community will run wild until the clock stikes midnight.

There will be no shortage of trade rumors, whispers, and suggestions as we await the next big move. Perhaps one of the wildest scenarios was proposed by The Ringer. In a recent article, the Ringer Staff suggested a blockbuster trade involving Russell Westbrook and Washington's John Wall.

“Let’s get wild! Gilbert Arenas’s contract for Rashard Lewis’s contract, part two. Houston likely won’t win the title with Westbrook, and he’s the only reasonable candidate in the whole league to swap for Wall, so let’s imagine that [Rockets general manager] Daryl Morey agrees to this framework to recoup some of the picks he lost when trading for Westbrook last summer. Will this happen? Of course not—both teams would probably say no. But with any Bradley Beal deal off the table, the Wizards don’t have any other ‘major’ moves available.”

With Russ, the Wizards get to form a solid one-two punch with Beal to compete with the Eastern Conference elites while also getting out of Wall's rather toxic contract. Having played just 32 games last season, John Wall has been shut down until he is fully healthy and in game shape. His injury is no doubt a concern for the Wizards (and any team that might trade for him), as is his troubling locker room history.

But the Rockets seem stuck in a rut this season and a major trade for Wall, with a few picks attached in the process, might help reset their team. Wall is a guy who, like Paul, is exceptional at setting others up and could be an ideal pairing next to James Harden.

Regardless, it's a long shot. Before teams take a chance on John Wall, they've got to see how he returns to the basketball court. In the meantime, the Rockets will just have to roll with who they've got.