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Warriors Could Explore Trade Involving D'Angelo Russell And Giannis

(via Golden State Of Mind)

(via Golden State Of Mind)

The Greek Freak has spoken much about "home." He does not care about the big fancy cities or the media circus that comes with it. To him, his place in Milwaukee, and his family with Bucks, demands absolute loyalty -- loyalty that he is happy to give.

But there has been talk, there have been whispers. Folks are suggesting that Giannis might be interested in leaving after all if the Bucks do not get their act together. And yes, the Warriors have been linked to these talks.

Nobody is sure where they come into play yet. Patrick Murray of Forbes recently broke it all down:

“The final option is probably the Warriors best, and conversely least likeliest, of the three. Pre-agency is all the rage in the NBA these days, with stars demanding trades ahead of their contracts expiring. If, and it’s a big if, Antetokounmpo were to turn down that massive extension and let the Bucks know he intends to leave the following summer, the entire NBA would be lining up with their best offer. For the Warriors, that would probably be built around Russell and whatever picks they can muster. They could include a couple of other pieces such as Looney and offer to take back salary in exchange.”

The Warriors and Bucks are two teams at the top of their respective conferences. A swap would likely keep them near the top. For the Warriors especially, it would drastically improve the team. With Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Giannis, they would once again be favored to win it all. A good culture, a great supporting cast of stars, and a central location in California, it's eas to see why The Greek Freak would want to go there.

But is it a realistic scenario, or more of a long-shot fantasy? Nobody is quite yet sure, but Giannis and the Bucks seem to be committed to each other for now.

There is no telling if it will stay that way.