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Warriors May Do A Sign And Trade With Kevin Durant

(via International Business Times)

(via International Business Times)

Kevin Durant's Achilles injury changed everything for the NBA. Suddenly, any team that had interest in him had no idea what might become of their chances to acquire the 10x All-Star.

Every conceivable theory has been thrown out there -- from re-signing with the Warriors to rehabbing with the Knicks, and even opting into his $31.5 million contract for next season. But thanks to ESPN's Brian Windhorst, we can add a new possibility into the fold: a sign and trade.

What Windhorst is suggesting is that Durant could sign a 5-year max deal with Golden State, rehab for the 2019/2020 season, and then work with the Warriors for a trade to a team of his choosing once he is ready to return to the court.

It sounds almost unnecessary, but it gives both sides an advantage. For KD, it ensures he doesn't miss out on a dime by securing that 5-year maximum dollar deal. For Golden State, it gives them assets in return for Durant, who would have otherwise left them with nothing.

Despite free agency being just 11 days away, truth is, we have no idea what KD's next move will be. But even on a torn Achilles at 30-years-old, his impact will be one of monumental proportions.