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Warriors Owner Joe Lacob On Offseason Plans: "We’re Not Going To Trade For Anybody That People Are Expecting."

Warriors Owner Joe Lacob On Offseason Plans- "We’re Not Going To Trade For Anybody That People Are Expecting."

Since being eliminated from playoff contention, the Golden State Warriors have been hard at work gearing up for next season.

With Klay Thompson, Steph Curry, and Draymond Green finally healthy, Golden State is expected to return to title contention.

But with the competition out West growing increasingly stronger, the Warriors need to continue making moves if they really want to maximize their chances to win.

And while fans have been imagining a trade for Bradley Beal, Myles Turner, and other high-profile names, team owner Joe Lacob suggested their real plan may be a lot simpler.

“It’s very unlikely, I’ve said that we’re not going to trade for anybody that people are expecting. Very unlikely. It’s not impossible. But if it was going to be somebody, it was going to be somebody really great. It was going to be a big trade. It’s unlikely,” Lacob told Anthony Slated of The Athletic.

So the more likely path—and the path that I think, as an owner, I feel most comfortable with, quite frankly—is to bridge the gap to the future,” the Warriors owner added. “We’ve got three or four contracts and big players that are still in their early 30s, still have quite a bit of time to go, especially in this day and age. If we can kind of have a Wiseman and a Kuminga and a Moody and a Poole (help in the meantime). They don’t have to be awesome next year. With a great investment in our player development staff, we just want them to show great potential.”

For a team like the Warriors, who are stacked with veterans and multiple-time Champions, it'd usually be a no-brainer to trade young talent for pieces that can make a more immediate impact.

In this case, though, the Warriors seem keen on developing their young talent and building them up as the core of their future.

Whatever the case, it seems that the franchise is trying to tamper expectations on what kind of trades we should expect over the next few days.