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Why The Lakers' Chances Of Acquiring Anthony Davis Drastically Improved This Summer

(via the Big lead)

(via the Big lead)

The Laker's search for another star is common knowledge at this point. Following the departures of Magic Johnson and Luke Walton, their focus (among other things) still consists of somehow snagging Anthony Davis.

Before the season ended, their chances of completing that feat did not look high.

The Pelicans' most recent hire, however, may have improved their chances.

"Such a hire gives a team like the Los Angeles Lakers a better chance to acquire Davis," writes Quenton S. Albertie of Celtics Wire, "considering the brow-raising “Godfather” package (which includes two first-round picks, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram) they offered for him prior to the trade deadline and Griffin’s connection with Lakers superstar LeBron James. However, the Celtics are expected to offer a trade package with at least three first-round picks and it’s possible that forwards Gordon Hayward and Jayson Tatum are a part of their trade package as well."

With ties to LeBron and no grudge against the Lakers, Griffin would certainly be more inclined to negotiate with them. As the new Executive VP of Basketball Operations, Griff will have a lot of influence in that decision.

For the Lakers, Davis could be the key to getting their franchise back on track. It is clear that they still have to establish their front-office personnel. Still, everything will look a little better if they are able to pair A.D. with LeBron. The team gets drastically better now, and they have a guy to take over once Father time comes for James.

The Celtics still remain as their biggest obstacle though, and their package of Tatum and Hayward continue to be the league's best.

It will be interesting to see how it all plays out.