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Why The Spurs Will Never Trade For Russell Westbrook



With free agency over, attention has shifted towards the trade market, where one of the best players in the game happens to be available.

After talks with the team and his agent, Russell Westbrook is open to the idea of a move, and the Thunder are happy to oblige. There have been a number of candidates to surface in the sweepstakes, but not everyone is sold on the idea of trading for Russ.

The Spurs, for example, likely possess no desire to trade for the 8x All-Star.

"Just because Pop’s complimentary of Russ doesn't mean he wants him in SA," explained Chris Carter oN First Thing's First. "Last year Russ was 1 of 6 players in history that shot 400 3s, made under 30%. Russ would send Pop to an early grave."

The Spurs have the assets to acquire Russ is they wanted to. It would take a lot of their depth and future draft picks, but a pairing of Westbrook, DeRozan, and Aldridge would be explosive on the offensive end.

For Gregg Popovich, who practically rules San Antonio, is not one to tolerate Russ' playstyle though, and it is almost assured that the two would not mesh well. The star PG's ferocious, ball-stopping, the inefficient game can be a detriment to his team at times, and not everyone is willing to take that on.

The Spurs are a clear example of that.