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Windhorst: "All Signs" Are Pointing To Paul George Returning To OKC


Sorry Laker fans, this is probably not the news you were hoping for.

But in a chat on this morning's Rich Eisen show, ESPN's Brian Windhorst gave some insight about where PG might be going, and it wasn't the Lakers:

Windhorst: "I have to qualify everything, Rich, I have to excuse this because things in the NBA change very quickly and when you make definitive statements it opens the window for you making an ass out of your self, but all signs are pointing to Paul George remaining in LA, and"

Eisen: "Remaining in LA, or..."

Windhorst: "I'm sorry, Oklahoma City, and I'm, looking forward to his explanation as to why..."

For years, Paul George has been linked to the Lakers. It was for that reason why Indiana sent him packing, and for that reason why it was such a huge risk in trading for him.

What most didn't see coming, though, is PG actually liking OKC enough to consider staying. Now, as Windhorst stated, that's likely what going to happen with the start of Free-Agency less than 24 hours away.

No doubt, his decision to stay will have a profound impact on the rest of the free-agent market. We'll find out soon what that impact will be soon.