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10 NBA Duos That Wouldn't Play Well Together

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Basketball is a team sport and therefore, it requires a lot of team effort besides individual performances, as not even the best basketball players in the world have been able to single-handedly lead their teams to an NBA Championship.

Over history, we’ve seen amazing historic duos that thrived and dominated the scene, like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Shaq and Kobe and more lately Steph Curry and Klay Thompson during their first of two Championships together.

Nonetheless, other teams that have looked poised for stardom for their rosters have mightily failed, like Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon and Charles Barkley, Kobe and Dwight Howard and even that infamous Los Angeles Lakers “Fab Four” featuring Shaq, Kobe, Karl Malone and Gary Payton.

Developing chemistry and building a balanced roster is key to making it in the most competitive league in the world, and having great basketball players playing together won’t exactly be a guarantee of success.

Today, we’re going to let you know about 10 experiments that would fall apart faster than the Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler era in Chicago, as regardless of these guys talents, they just don’t fit well-playing side by side.

10. John Wall and LeBron James

John Wall is a top-tier point guard and is an outstanding ball handler and playmaker, but he’s just not good playing off the ball and you know LeBron James enjoys running the team’s offense and having the ball on his hands as much time as possible.

So, even though both are actually good defenders and passers, they're also both terrible shooters whose most offensive game consists in attacking the lane and then either trying to gain advantage for their strength/athleticism or just trying to find the open guy on a pick and pop. With Wall and James on the same side, defenses would just collapse the paint and force them to kill’em from distance.

9. James Harden and Carmelo Anthony

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed like a lock that Carmelo Anthony was going to join forces with his buddy Chris Paul and James Harden to try and lead the Houston Rockets to a Championship run, but thank god the move fell apart and Anthony eventually wind up being dealt to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Both Harden and Anthony are fierce and incredibly gifted scorers, but they just enjoy too much in isolation and are well-known ball hoggers. Besides, Carmelo’s ball - stopping won’t fit the up-tempo offense Harden thrives in so much.

8. Kristaps Porzingis and Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins was one of the most overhyped prospects just some seasons ago, and even though the former 1st overall pick has wind up being a very solid player, it seems like he’s just never going to live up to the expectations.

On the other hand, Porzingis has been way more than was expected out of him on the first time, but these couple of youngsters will be a disaster together, as they’re some of the lousiest rebounding players in the league, and they just don’t know how to gain and maintain position in box outs, so opposing offenses will get too much second and third chances against them.

7. Klay Thompson and Anthony Davis

For a very long time, it’s been said that with Anthony Davis on their ranks, the Golden State Warriors would be the most dominant and unstoppable team this game has ever seen, and he’d definitely be a huge upgrade from their current center Zaza Pachulia.

Klay Thompson and Anthony Davis are just some of the best two-way players in the Association at the time, but they just wouldn’t fit good together because their reckless to share the rock, Thompson being a catch and shoot kind of player and Davis constantly focusing on attacking the rim every chance he gets.

6. DeMar DeRozan and Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose is far behind his former self, but even though, at age 29 he can still make a huge impact off the bench for a contender and try to pursue his desired and well deserved first NBA Championship, but he better avoid signing with the Toronto Raptors this upcoming season after a one year tenure with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

See, with Rose and DeRozan on the same squad, the Raptors would have one of the worst offensive backcourts in the NBA when it comes to shooting from beyond the arc, as DeMar shoots a horrible 28.1% while Rose isn’t quite better with 29.8%.

5. Damian Lillard and Karl-Anthony Towns

Damian Lillard and Karl-Anthony Towns are a couple of the best offensive talents in the entire Association, with Dame being able to light it up from anywhere on the floor while Towns has a vast variety of post moves and is also an outstanding shooter for a guy his size.

Still, a team with boths these youngsters will need them to sacrifice a lot of their offensive spotlight, as they’re both shot hoggers, with Damian shooting over 17 times per game while KAT scores over 16 per contest, so it would make it really difficult for them to have a real flow on offense and defenses would easily learn how to read their sets.

4. Chris Paul and Dwight Howard

Chris Paul is the most talented point guard in the Association even at this stage of his career, and some may even say that Dwight Howard still has what it takes to be an elite dominant center in the league despite how poorly he’s performed since leaving the Houston Rockets.

Even though this matchup would seem to be quite interesting for how well both would perform on the pick and roll, the different characters both players feature will make this union a disaster. See, Chris Paul is a lot like Kobe Bryant in a way, as he constantly demands the best from all of his players and can even be kind of whiny, while Dwight Howard is just soft and doesn’t care for anybody telling him what to do, and that’s why he’ll never win an NBA Championship.

3. Jimmy Butler and DeAndre Jordan

Jimmy Butler is one of the best two-way players in the world right now and DeAndre Jordan has surged to be one of the most dominant defensive centers in the league, but the two of them playing together without at least a couple of shooters besides them would just be mayhem.

Butler is a terrible shooter and his offense is pretty much based on his athleticism, cuts and layups, while ya’ll know DeAndre can’t do anything but dunk the ball. These two playing together would be a spacing nightmare, and none of them is reliable from the charity stripe either.

2. Isaiah Thomas and Andre Drummond

Isaiah Thomas is coming off a breakout year with the Boston Celtics, and even though he’s set to miss several months of this upcoming season, he still looks poised to take the Cavs to another NBA Finals trips, although the Cleveland Cavaliers still seem to be lacking a dominant big man down low.

Hopefully, they’ll avoid trading for Andre Drummond, the lone tradeable asset on a disastrous Detroit Pistons team. Why? Because neither Thomas or Drummond are good Pick and Roll players. Pick and Roll offense is just never going to die as it’s one of the most fundamental aspects of this sport, and even if Drummond can still improve in this regard, Thomas likely won’t at this stage of his career.

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1. Paul George and Blake Griffin

Not so long ago, it seemed like Blake Griffin was bound to make a homecoming and sign a deal to join Russell Westbrook in the Oklahoma City Thunder, but gladly for everybody involved this move didn’t go through, as now that the Thunder has landed Paul George, both of players together would be a defensive disaster.

Paul George has never been a good defender whatsoever despite all the effort he puts on that side of the court, while Blake Griffin has also been quite soft down low for a guy that strong and big. Both are very bad defenders and terrible shot blockers, so it’s quite relief they’re actually rivals right now.