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10 NBA Players That Would Hate To Play For The Golden State Warriors

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Superteams rule basketball. Regardless of what they say, it’s always been like that. It was like that during the Showtime Lakers era, it was like that during the Bulls era, and it’s still like that in the NBA.

Nonetheless, throughout history, there have been several players that would rather go down without a Championship over taking the easy way out by joining the best team in the world even if that means taking a lesser role.

On the other hand, players of the likes of Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins have other things in mind. It’s all valid, we’re not saying that’s a bad thing per se, it’s just that we know that there are several ballers that would rather die before joining the Dubs. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 players that would definitely reject to join the Warriors’ super team.

10. CJ McCollum


CJ McCollum has already made some bold statements regards Kevin Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors, and even started a bit of a beef between him and the 2 time NBA Champion.

McCollum stated that he would never betray “his boys” like that and that even though he respected Durant’s decision and thought he’s a hell of a player, it was a soft move. Sadly for him, he’s unlikely to ever win a Chip at Portland.

9. Kevin Love


Kevin Love has always been kind of the odd man out in Cleveland, and even though he doesn’t get the praise and respect he deserves, he’s a top-notch competitor that would never join the team that beat him 3 times in 4 years.

Love was finally able to compete for a Championship when he joined the Cavs, and even though we believe he will eventually be traded, we know he would rather get payback against the Dubs that embracing a lesser role in the bay.

8. Paul George


Paul George shocked everybody when he announced his decision to come back to the Oklahoma City Thunder amid the whole speculation that pointed towards him joining LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers.

That kind of moves shows you the kind of character he’s got and the fact that he doesn’t want everything just handed out to him, but that he’d rather fight the man himself and prove that he’s one of the best ballers in the world.

7. Kyrie Irving

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Kyrie Irving is a proud guy. He’s always enjoyed being the center of attention and he wouldn’t want to share the thunder with 3 or 4 guys, even if that means going 82-0 in the regular season and 16-0 in the playoffs.

C’mon, we’re talking about a guy that wanted to be traded out of the Cleveland Cavaliers because he wanted to be a team’s go-to-guy again, so, do you really think he would be willing to share touches with Curry, Thompson and Durant? Hell no.

6. Giannis Antetokounmpo

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We see Giannis Antetokounmpo as the kind of guy that would never leave the Milwaukee Bucks, even if that means never winning a Championship. He’s humble, quiet and seems to enjoy the small market, and he thrives on simplicity and not all those flashy lights from big cities.

Moreover, he’s been putting a lot of hard work year after year to become the best player in the world and lead the Bucks the distance, so he would never take the easy way out by joining Curry and company.

5. Rajon Rondo


The fact that Rajon Rondo actually agreed to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers was really shocking, considering he was one of the main guys in Boston years ago and that would be considered the ultimate sin.

Even though, and even despite his troublemaking nature, Rajon Rondo is not a snake or a quitter. Rondo thrives off competition and brings the best out of his game when it matters the most, so we know he’d never join a team like the Dubs.

4. LeBron James


Even though all of LeBron’s Championships have come from playing next to superstars, he would never, ever join the Golden State Warriors in order to try and protect his legacy from his haters.

James would pretty much team up with anybody in order to beat them again, that’s no surprise at all, but he would never join them just because that would really feed his doubters for ages to come.

3. Russell Westbrook

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After the feud Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant developed when the ladder bailed on him and joined the enemy, it’s pretty obvious that he would never do the same or he’d risk losing his entire credibility.

On the other hand, Westbrook always has his own personal agenda, and he would rather single-handedly beat the entire NBA instead of just joining forces with the best players in the world. Heck, he’d rather go down ringless instead of joining them.

2. Chris Paul

chris-paul-injury-update houston

Well, Chris Paul has been so unlucky throughout his entire career, that maybe him joining the Warriors would be the only way of stopping them from making the Finals. All jokes aside, he would never do that, though.

Paul is keen and desperate to lead a team to the ultimate stage and finally making it to the last 7 games of the season for the first time of his career, but him being such a hard-nosed competitor (and a bit of a sore loser), he would never join the enemy.

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