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10 Reasons Why LeBron James Should Sign With The Lakers

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We’ve just entered a brand new chapter of the LeBron James’ never-ending saga and whether he would and should stay put with the Cleveland Cavaliers or if he will wind up leaving once again looking for another title.

With his record in the Finals now sitting at 3 and 6, there’s a major situation LeBron needs to address as soon as possible, and that’s landing on a spot where he’s able to overcome adversity and finally win another Championship.

James has been closely tied with a move to the Los Angeles Lakers for a very long time now, and even though the Lakers aren’t in a position to compete right away, landing the best player in the world would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Also, for what it’s worth, the Lakers are the clear frontrunner to land his services during the summer, according to Las Vegas, at least. That’s why today, we’re going to list the top 10 reasons why he should actually sign with the Lakers, in case he’s not fully convinced yet.

10. Great City

Los Angeles is one of the greatest cities in the world, features a lot of entertainment and celebrities and has a great weather all year round, so he could even work out outdoors whenever it suits him.

9. Hollywood

Being so close to Hollywood and after Kyrie releases his Uncle Drew film, he’d finally have the chance to star in Space Jam 2 and follow Michael Jordan’s footsteps, not to mention the possibility of co-producing an HBO documentary on the ‘exploitative world’ of NCAA sports.

8. Big Market

Let’s face it, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the biggest markets in the world, and LeBron James has simply outgrown Cleveland ever since setting a step on an NBA hardwood, so this one would definitely suit his talents way more.

7. Brand

LeBron James has become a brand of his own and being a part of the Lakers can take his products to new heights, as he would be on the worldwide spotlight in one of the most capitalist cities on earth.

6. Lakers Fans

Lakes fans have always had nothing but respect for the Kings, especially for his personal feud against the Boston Celtics, their longtime rivals. Also, as he’s never had to face the Lakers in the Finals, they haven’t had the chance to actually hate on him and have always had high praise for his talents.

5. Life After Basketball

LeBron has several businesses in Los Angeles and he’s such a family man, that he wouldn’t like to have the James crowd constantly traveling from one town to another, so he’d have a chance to settle down and stay put in LA for good when he finally decides that the time for retirement has come for him.

4. Paul George

Paul George has also been closely tied with a move to the Lakers for a very long time and even though it seems like other teams have emerged as possible destinations for PG, having LeBron on board would make it a no-brainer decision for the All-Star forward who’s keen and desperate to win his first Championship, joining forces with his very nightmare from his Pacers tenure.

3. Salary Cap

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the few teams that can actually sign LeBron James with great ease this summer due to the moves they did to clean the salary cap and are in a position to offer him a max deal while also pursuing at least another top-notch free agent.

2. Epic Super Battle

Should James sign with the Lakers, we would be on the verge of witnessing something out of a Mad Max movie, with an epic battle to rule California between the Super Lakers and the Almighty Golden State Warriors, with Los Angeles offering the King the greatest shot at finally getting back at the Dubs.

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1. LeBron James Jr

According to Gary Payton’s report, LeBron James Jr (AKA Bronny), has committed to playing basketball at Sierra Canyon High School near Los Angeles, so he would be pretty close to his older son, not to mention the fact that he’d had the chance to play next to him when he’s finally ready to make the jump to the NBA.