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10 Sons Of NBA Legends That Will Become The Future Superstars

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Being the son of an NBA player will definitely open a lot of doors for you, and even though you may not be nearly half as talented as your old man, it’s pretty clear and obvious that you have it in your DNA.

Naturally, scouts (As well as media) take a lot of time paying attention to the sons of former or active NBA legends, trying to find resemblances between them to try and get a hold on them as soon as they can.

Over the course of history, some second-generation ballers have taken the league for assault, while others have miserably failed to live up to the expectations. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 sons of NBA players that can become the next superstars.

10. Kenyon Martin Jr

Kenyon Martin Jr is obviously Kenyon Martin’s son, and just like he’s all man, he’s a hustling tweener at the power forward spot. Also, like Kenyon, he has a terrific feel for defense and rebounding, although his overall offensive game is slightly more developed with a sweeter touch below the rim. He’s still undecided on which college he will commit to, still being a high school junior.

9. Ron Artest Jr

Being the son of Metta World Peace will definitely grant you a hell of a reputation from your peers, but not just for good. Nonetheless, Ron Artest Jr seems like a way more calmed and low profile kind of player than his old man was; and at the Small Forward spot, he shows the same kind of defensive skill set than Metta had. Still, his overall offensive game is extremely rough.

8. Dennis Rodman Jr

Obviously, of all of Dennis Rodman’s adventures and affairs, he had to have at least one balling son. Standing at 6’3, the Worm’s son is already playing varsity in high school and turning a lot of heads due to his great feel for defense and being a great rebounder despite playing at the 2. Furthermore, he’s still extremely unpolished in the offense, but he won’t be eligible to play in the NBA until 2023 so that’s cool.

7. Jayden Hardaway

Jayden Hardaway is the son of Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway and just like his old man, he’s a walking bucket. The young guard has already committed to play for his father at Memphis University, where Penny thrived before having a 14 year NBA career. Even though Hardaway wasn’t ranked as highly as you’d expect, he’s proven that he can shoot lights out during workouts.

6. Jaxon Williams 

Jason Williams was one of the craftiest entertainers in the history of the game, and it’s pretty safe to say that his 13-year old definitely carries a lot of that white chocolate in his veins. He’s not much of a scorer and is still vastly undersized, but he’s shown the same ball handling abilities and crossover skills his man used to show during his NBA career.

5. Allen Iverson II

Allen Iverson was always a top-notch athlete regardless of the sport he played, and that kind of natural talent apparently runs in the family, as Allen Iverson II is already looking like a younger version of his father, crossing all opposition en route to the rim. He’s just in 5th grade right now and still has a lot of work to do, especially on defense, but his handles are already off the charts for his age.

4. Zaire Wade

Dwyane Wade always made a living out of his athleticism, speed and hops, and boy; his son Zaire Wade looks almost like a carbon copy of a young Flash. He’s already an explosive and terrific dunker, and has mastered his old man’s pump fakes to draw fouls and finish through contact. Also, working out with him and LeBron James from time to time has to help.

3. Shareef O’Neal

There was a lot of controversy over Shareef O’Neal not being a McDonald’s All-American this year, and even though he’s not nearly half as talented as Shaq was, he’s still an athletic freak with a lot of feel for the game, some range and the ability to push up tempo with his sweet touch from midrange as well. Also, he’s one of the most impressive dunkers of his class, and he’s already committed to the UCLA Bruin.

2. Bol Bol

Recently committing to Oregon, Bol Bol is one of the most intriguing prospects of his class, and being the son of Manute Bol, you know he’s freakingly tall. Bol is a way better version of his old man, as he can find the open man and lead the break, and even score from mid and long range, while also having his father’s defensive awareness and shot blocking ability due to his tremendous wingspan.

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1. LeBron James Jr

We’ve been seeing Bronny’s footage from years now, and he’s looking like a stud already. LeBron’s older son is already a much better shooter than he was when he was that age while showing the same playmaking skills the young Kind bragged about back in the day. He’s got big shoes to fill but has the skill set to fulfill that goal, being a great ball handler and also quite committed in the defensive end as well.