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14 Reasons Why The Lakers Are Dominating The NBA Moving Into The Valentine's Day And All-Star Break

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Fadeaway World

14 February 2020 is Valentine's day and the first day of All-Star Weekend. The day marks an occasion to show love for couples and love for the game of basketball. This is truly a time of happy mood and celebrations.

On this much-celebrated period, let us take a look at why the Lakers should also be celebrating due to their excellent team performance thus far.

14. Seventh in Points Per Game with 114.7 points

The scoring started slow for the Lakers in October 2019 but the team has since found their offensive rhythm.

13. Seventh in Opponent Points Allowed with 107.3 points

The Lakers began the season at the top of the defensive juggernauts but faltered slightly. However, they remain formidable at number seventh.

12. Seventh in Rebounds Per Game with 46.2 rebounds

The trio of big men, Dwight Howard, Anthony Davis, and JaVale McGee, has provided the Lakers with a rebounding staple this season, something that will come in extremely useful in securing possessions come Playoff time.

11. Fifth in Steals Per Game with 8.5 steals

Flying under the radar is the Lakers' team effort in stealing the ball from opponents. Led by defensive veterans, the Lakers roster looks spunky and ready to pick any careless ball handler's dribble.

10. Fifth in Defensive Rating with 106.3

All season long, the Lakers have shown their concerted effort in defending their opponents. The premier ranking is a testament to that effort.

9. Fourth in Assists Per Game with 26.3

Coach Frank Vogel and his coaching staff have preached team basketball since day one. The ball movement and playmaking have been maturing and at a
high level.

8. Second in Points In The Paint with 53.6

With three players who can play the center position effectively and a handful of brilliant playmakers, it is no wonder that the team ranks second for scoring in the paint area.

7. Second in Offensive Rating with 113.4

Having started slowly in their offense, the Lakers wasted no time in polishing their schemes and were able to rise all the way to second in offensive rating after 53 games.

6. Second in Net Rating with 7.2

Throughout the past few months, the Lakers never wavered in their dominance of the Western Conference and sat securely at the top. This resulted in their impressive pre-All-Star Weekend ranking of the second, behind just one team, the Milwaukee Bucks.

5. First in Blocks Per Game with 6.8

Anthony Davis has declared his intention to clinch the Defensive Player of the Year and he has taken initiative to get on LeBron to play his best defense as well.

This infectious energy has pushed a friendly competition among the big men on the Lakers to make a determined drive to swat shots. This positive vibe has turned into a top placing for team blocks.

4. First in Field Goal Percentage with 48. 8%

Being good at getting buckets is one thing, being efficient at it is a whole different level. Being the league's best field goal percentage means that the Lakers are playing well, playing smart and playing precise basketball. This bodes well for execution during the Playoffs.

3. LeBron James

Despite being in the twilight of his career, the King has shown his pedigree and consistency by aging gracefully, if at all.

After perhaps his longest rest period last season, LeBron came back with a vengeance, putting up stellar numbers with 25.0 points per game, 7.8 rebounds per game, a career-high 10.8 assists per game and an amazing field goal percentage of 48.9%.

This astonishing output alone is a fantastic reason why the Lakers are dominating the NBA.

2. Anthony Davis

This season, the Brow found a new home in Los Angeles and finally met a fellow superstar teammate in the King.

With his motivation being off the charts, Anthony Davis has begun the first half of the season being red hot, tallying 26.6 points per game, 9.2 rebounds per game, a career-high 2.4 blocks per game and a field goal percentage of 51.9%.

Having the Brow on the team is definitely a confidence booster for the Lakers because he is a monster on both the offensive and the defensive end, giving opponents a match-up nightmare.

1. Second in League-wide Wins Ratio at 41-12

The Lakers were expected to be a legitimate contender for the trophy but they honestly surprised everyone by topping the Western Conference and ranking second league-wide. The team looks ready to take on any team in a seven-game series in the Playoffs and put up a valiant fight.

With this long list of accolades, it is no wonder why the Los Angeles Lakers are dominating the NBA even prior to the All-Star Weekend.


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