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2000-2018 All-NBA Team

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Basketball has come a long way for sure and the way we play this beautiful game is entirely different to how old blood use to do it back in the day. Whether if modern basketball is better or worse than old school, it’s not a debate we want to engage with right now.

Even so, it’s pretty safe to state that the NBA has experienced it’s major growth over the last 20 years or so, with 2000-01 being kind of a breaking point as the dawn of the new basketball era, sort of speak.

Naturally, a lot has happened throughout those 18 years, with dozens of future Hall of Famers making their first or final appearances and taking their teams to the ultimate glory. That being said, let’s take a look at the All 2000-2018 NBA team.

PG: Stephen Curry 

Honorable Mention: Steve Nash


A lot of people may disagree with this, but like it or not, Stephen Curry is arguably the most successful point guard of the decade, winning 3 Championships in 4 seasons to go along with a couple of well-deserved MVP awards.

Curry has come a long way and overcome several injuries to become the greatest shooter in the history of the game, has outstanding handles and is one of the most underrated playmakers in the league, not to mention he was the best player on the best team in NBA history.

SG: Kobe Bryant

Honorable Mention: Dwyane Wade


Kobe Bryant is by far the greatest player in Los Angeles Lakers history, a 5 time NBA Champion that took this franchise back to the highest of levels, even though he had quite some help in Pau Gasol and obviously, Shaquille O’Neal.

Bryant’s mindset built a strong legacy around him and all young ballers look up to the Mamba Mentality. His determination to win, ability to play lockdown defense when playing against top-notch opposition, clutchness and all the personal accolades he accomplished, make him the ultimate 2000-18 shooting guard.

SF: LeBron James

Honorable Mention: Kevin Durant


The NBA has been LeBron James’ league since 2003, or at least the Eastern Conference. The King has made it to 8 straight NBA Finals and even though he only has 3 rings to brag about, he’s the greatest small forward in the history of the game.

James is one of the few players that can play and guard all five spots on the court with great ease and has arguably the greatest basketball IQ ever, he’s a great defender, a committed rebounder, an incredible passer and the definition of a clutch scorer as well.

PF: Tim Duncan

Honorable Mention: Kevin Garnett


We’ve definitely got to go with the Big Fundamental here. Duncan’s work ethic made him one of the most respected and beloved players in the world throughout his entire career, and one of the main reasons why the San Antonio Spurs were able to win all 5 NBA Championships.

Duncan’s overall impact went far beyond stats, and he’s one of the most complete two-way big men this game has ever seen. Despite his unorthodox and may be the unappealing offensive game, he was money from the elbow and the low post, while also being able to contest and swat all shots from within close range.

C: Shaquille O’Neal

Honorable Mention: Dwight Howard


Shaquille O’Neal is the most dominant player not named Michael Jordan in the history of basketball. He just is. The Big Diesel wasn’t going to be denied and wasn’t going to let you have your way either.

Shaq’s physical presence made him so freakingly strong that nobody could contain him in either side of the hardwood, and he’s accountable for several of the most impressive performances in the NBA Finals this game has ever seen.

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6th Man: Allen Iverson

Honorable Mention: Dirk Nowitzki


Allen Iverson is one of the most talented players in the history of the game. He won it all but the Chip and constantly knocked fans off their feet with his crafty moves, ball handling, crossovers and ability to send the rock to the bottom of the net. Had he been more disciplined and had a better support cast, he would’ve won 3 or 4 Championships with ease.

On the other hand, we find the Great Teuton, Dirk Nowitzki, the guy that holds the record for most seasons with a single franchise now that he’s about to enter his 21st campaign. Dirk has been extremely consistent throughout his entire career, and he’s the best shooting big man in the history of the NBA.