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2011 Chicago Bulls: Where Are They Now?

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The Chicago Bulls have had plenty of ups and downs throughout their history. Artis Gilmore made them relevant, then Michael Jordan made them legendary. However, they haven't been truly Championship contenders in quite some time now.

Then, Derrick Rose and the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls came around. It seemed like the Windy City was finally ready to win another ring and Tom Thibodeau's top-tier defensive expertise perfectly meshed with their roster. Sadly, they couldn't get past the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals.

This team was promising and exciting to see. Now, none of them is with the Bulls organization anymore. So, what are they up to nowadays? Are some of them still playing? We'll answer all of your questions about the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls in the following paragraphs:

Kurt Thomas - Retired

Kurt THomas

Kurt Thomas was far behind his prime when he signed for the Chicago Bulls. 'The Big Sexy' had some glimpses of his former self when Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah were sidelined with injuries but he didn't have many minutes when they were back at full strength.

Thomas was the last guy off the bench for the Bulls during the 2010-11 season. Still, his veteran leadership helped shape the game of their defensive-minded big men that year, so his role was quite important for the future of their core.

Omer Asik - Retired


Omer Asik was working his way to the league during the 2010-11 season. He played all 82 games (12.1 minutes a night) and his ability to dominate as a defensive rebounder and interior presence made Tom Thibodeau trust him through key stretches.

Asik's offense was always limited - to say the least - and he bounced around the league for quite some time. Sadly, injuries riddled his career. He came back to the Bulls in 2018 but only made 4 appearances before being waived by a career-ending injury.

C.J. Watson - Usak Sportif (Turkey)

cj watson bulls

The Bulls didn't really need C.J. Watson for most of the time he was with the team. He had one job and job only and that was to knock down as many three-pointers as he could. Other than that, he wasn't much of a part of the team's offense.

Watson's three-point shooting granted him some more time in the league. He played for the Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, and Orlando Magic before taking his talents to Europe. He's currently playing for Usak Sportif of the Turkish league.

Kyle Korver - Milwaukee Bucks

korver bulls

The Chicago Bulls vastly underappreciated Kyle Korver and Tom Thibodeau was often infuriated because of his - lack of - defense. That seemed to be the trend until he finally broke out as one of the greatest three-point shooters in the history of basketball with the Atlanta Hawks.

Korver played 20.1 minutes a night for the Bulls and shot 41.5% from beyond the arc that season. He's now made a name for himself around the league for his shooting and veteran leadership and is currently playing for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Ronnie Brewer - Retired

ronnie brewer bulls

Ronnie Brewer was a tailor-made player for Tom Thibodeau's gritty defense. He was a great stopper and could defend both guard spots and some small forwards. His offense, however, was quite limited, and his unorthodox shooting form wasn't pretty at all.

Brewer enjoyed a somewhat successful season during the 2010-11 campaign, averaging 22.0 minutes per game as the team's backup shooting guard. He then played for the Knicks, Thunder, Rockets, had a second stint with the Bulls and retired after spending some time with the Santa Cruz Warriors of the G-League.

Taj Gibson - New York Knicks

taj gibson bulls

Taj Gibson's game was still kind of raw during the 2010-11 season but it was clear that Tom Thibodeau trusted him a lot. He had a huge upside in the defensive end and could guard bigger players below the rim or all the way to the perimeter.

Gibson's hustle and grind made him a fan favorite for the Bulls once Carlos Boozer left. He later played for the Oklahoma City Thunder before joining Thibs again at Minnesota and is now expected to play under his command again with the New York Knicks.

Keith Bogans - Assistant Coach

04 May 2011: Chicago Bulls shooting guard Keith Bogans (6) is seen during the Chicago Bulls 86-73 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, during game 2 of the Eastern Conference semi finals at the United Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Via Chris Elise

Keith Bogans started all 82 games for the 2010-11 Chicago Bulls but he only averaged around 17 minutes per game. His offensive contributions were quite limited but he definitely made his presence felt in the defensive end night and night out.

Bogans wasn't much of a fan favorite during his time with the Bulls because of his offensive flaws and limitations. He later played for the Brooklyn Nets, Boston Celtics, and Westchester Knicks. He's now an assistant coach for the New York Knicks.

Luol Deng - Retired

(via SB Nation)

(via SB Nation)

Some people say that the Luol Deng trade was the first nail on the Chicago Bulls' contending coffin. He was one of the most prolific scorers in the Eastern Conference in his prime and his defense and veteran leadership were huge for the team.

The Bulls could always count on Luol Deng to get a stop or hit a big shot. He was beloved and respected by his peers and led the team with 39.1 minutes per game. He later played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Miami Heat, signed a huge contract with the Lakers, and retired with the Timberwolves.

Carlos Boozer - Ghost Ballers of the Big 3


Carlos Boozer was a walking double-double during his time with the Chicago Bulls. He sometimes struggled in the defensive end and lacked the range of modern power forwards but he could put the moves on the best defenders on earth in his prime.

Boozer struggled with injuries that season but still made 59 regular-season appearances for the Bulls and averaged over 17 points and 9 rebounds per game. He was later amnestied and had a brief stint with the Lakers and is now playing for Ghost Ballers in the Big 3.

Joakim Noah - Los Angeles Clippers

(via HotNewHipHop)

(via HotNewHipHop)

Joakim Noah is considered to be one of the greatest players in Chicago Bulls history. His outspoken leadership, grit, hustle, and heart made him an instant fan favorite and everybody thought and hoped he was going to be a Bull forever.

The former Defensive Player of the Year led the team without Derrick Rose. He later played for the New York Knicks and Memphis Grizzlies and is now working his way into the Los Angeles Clippers' rotation to pursue his first-ever NBA Championship.

Derrick Rose - Detroit Pistons



Derrick Rose had his best season in 2010-11. He became the league's youngest MVP ever at the tender age of 22 years old, averaging 25.0 points, 4.1 rebounds, 7.7 assists, 1.6 three-pointers, and 1.0 steals per game on 44/33/85 shooting splits.

Rose was the league's finest entertainer and the most explosive player we had seen in years. He was poised to take LeBron James down as the King of the East before injuries riddled his career. He later joined the New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Minnesota Timberwolves, and is now playing for the Detroit Pistons. Hopefully, he'll join a Championship contender any time soon.


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