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2016-2017 All-NBA Team Predictions

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Check predictions for the 3 All-NBA teams as if there are no injuries.

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All-NBA 3rd Team


Forward: Draymond Green, Blake Griffin

Guard: Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving

Center: Karl-Anthony Towns

Draymond Green, like Durant and Curry, will have less production as a result of the star power om Golden State. However, I feel like Draymond Green will still prove through his defensive ability and leadership qualities that he is all NBA 3rd team worthy.

For all we know, Draymond could be a back to back champ if it wasn't for his suspension in game 5. Nevertheless, Draymond came back and had a monster game 7 in the NBA finals in a losing effort to the Cavs. Draymond's impact on his team will simply be good enough to get himself a spot on the All-NBA 3rd team.

Blake Griffin definitely had a lost season last year haunted by injuries. Many people forget that when this guy is on the court, he is a great scorer and playmaker at the power forward position. He averaged 21.9 points per game two seasons ago and he is highly capable of repeating a season like he did then. This is why I believe Griffin will make his 2nd All-NBA 3rd team.

Karl-Anthony Towns is already one of the best centers in the league and he is going into his 2nd season in the NBA. He won ROY last year with one of the best rookie years from a big man since Shaq and Duncan. This man is the future and there is a reason he was voted as the #1 player GM's would want to start a team with.

He averaged 18 PPG and 10 RPG in his rookie year and it seems as if the sky is the limit for Towns; I think he makes his first All-NBA 3rd team this year.

Chris Paul is the prototypical point guard in the NBA and he has been one of the most consistent NBA players since being drafted in 2005. Paul has never been to the conference finals but he is one of the best passers and floor generals in the league.

He is a 4 time NBA All-First teamer, 3 times NBA all second teamer and this year I think he makes his second All-NBA 3rd team.

I think Kyrie Irving replaces Klay Thompson on the All-NBA 3rd team this year. Kyrie proved how good he was in last years Finals and has emerged as a top-tier point guard in this league. With LeBron expected to play less games and minutes than ever, Irving will have increased the opportunity to show truly how good he is. Irving has become a premier clutch player and is one of the best scorers in the game thanks to having the league's best handles.

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All-NBA 2nd Team


Forward: Kevin Durant, Paul George

Guard: Stephen Curry, James Harden

Center: Anthony Davis

Considering he didn't make it last year, Kevin Durant will probably fall short of the 1st team again this year and make the All-NBA 2nd team.

His production will be down now that he is on the Warriors and Kawhi Leonard's production will be up because he is slowly becoming the leader of this team post Tim Duncan.

Because of this, Kevin Durant should be making his second All-NBA 2nd team in a row.

I think that Paul George will replace Draymond Green on the All-NBA 2nd team this year. Just like Durant, Green's production will go down because of being on Golden State's stacked team.

Paul George has 1 year under his belt after that terrible injury he suffered while playing for team USA. He had a great year last year, and with growing confidence in his health, he should have a great year this year, putting himself on his first All-NBA 2nd team.

Anthony Davis might even make the All-NBA 1st this year if he continues to stay healthy and put up monster stat lines like he did in the first game of the season against the Nuggets. Davis dropped 50 points and 17 rebounds, just another day at the office for him.

Davis's problem throughout his career has been his health, it seems as if he has injured almost every part of his body despite only being in the NBA for 4 years, going on his 5th.

He made the All-NBA first team in 2015 but I feel like the Pelicans will be so bad this year that Davis will not make the 1st team despite these all NBA team honors being individual honors.

Stephen Curry is the player that caused the most thought out of me when making these predictions. He has won the MVP the past 2 years but in my opinion, he is no longer even the best player on his team now that Durant has arrived.

Durant will be the focal point of the offense so Curry's stats will be significantly down from last year. Because of this, I believe Curry will be making his second All-NBA 2nd team.

Lastly, James Harden will make the All-NBA second team after a disappointing season last year (as if 29 ppg is an off season).

However, Harden and the Rockets crumbled under very high expectations for last year's season. Despite great stats, last year was an offseason for Harden but now he will be playing point guard. He will rack up the assists this year and will do just as much if not more scoring than he did last year.

Because of this, I think Harden will be going from not making any of the All-NBA teams last year to making the 2nd team this year.

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All-NBA 1st Team


Forward: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

Guard: Russell Westbrook, Damian Lillard

Center: DeMarcus Cousins

First of all, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James are locks to make the All-NBA 1st team.

LeBron will likely play less minutes and less games than he has in his entire career. He is 31 but has shown no signs of slowing down, LeBron is bound for his 11th All-NBA 1st team.

Russell Westbrook is probably the most athletic player in the league and is a lot of people's MVP picks for this year. Now that he doesn't have Kevin Durant, his stats will be boosted even more than they were before and for all we know, he could average a triple double for the season with the endless responsibility and opportunity he has on this Thunder team.

Russell Westbrook will very likely be going to his second straight All-NBA 1st team and is, in my opinion, the most likely player to make it this year.

I think unlike Deandre Jordan last year, DeMarcus Cousins will make the All-NBA first team as the center slot. He doesn't get a lot of recognition playing in Sacramento, but the stat lines that he puts up the night in and the night out are insane.

This year I believe that DeMarcus Cousins gets the recognition that he deserves and makes his first All-NBA 1st team in the center slot.

Kawhi Leonard made the All-NBA 1st team last year and there is no reason to think he won't do it again. He keeps improving year after year and his defense has gotten greatly recognized as he is going for his 3rd straight defensive player of the year which is unheard of for a nonbig man. Leonard is a quiet guy but his game speaks for himself, he has developed a solid jump shot and has become maybe the most all-around player in basketball.

As long as he doesn't decline for some crazy reason, Leonard will be going to have 2nd straight All-NBA 1st team.

Last but not least, I believe Damian Lillard will make his first appearance on the All-NBA 1st team instead of Stephen Curry this year.

After not making the All-Star team last year he proved why he should have, he put big game after big game and even led the Blazers to the second round of the playoffs while most people didn't even think the Blazers would male the playoffs.

If there is one thing people need to learn to do, it is to not doubt Damian Lillard. He made the All-NBA 2nd team last year and I believe he will make his first all NBA first team this year with Stephen Curry's production expected to go way down.

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