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2019 NBA Offseason: 5 Moves That Could Shock Everyone

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

The NBA truly is where amazing happens, as you may all know by now. While most people tend to think what’s about to happen next, more often than not, teams and players still find a way to surprise us.

Lately, NBA players feel as if they had more power than they actually do, trying to force the team’s hands to go their way or just trade them away, and that may lead to shocking moves like the Porzingis deal or the Anthony Davis situation.

So, if that already happened, what could actually happen next? What could be the next ‘Kyrie wants out of Cleveland’ kind of thing? Let’s talk about 5 potential moves that could shock the world this summer.

5. The Houston Rockets Trade Chris Paul

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

The Houston Rockets went from being one of the worst teams in the league to climb all the way to the 3rd seed in the West. They’re built for Championship contention, and everything short of the NBA Finals will be considered a failure by Daryl Morey.

So, picture this scenario: The Rockets don’t even make the Finals, so they try to move Chris Paul and his massively huge deal. He’s old, and injury prone, but is so incredibly good that a couple of teams may be willing to absorb his terrible deal.

4. Neither The Lakers Nor The Celtics Get Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers went all-in on Anthony Davis but the team was reluctant to make a deal with them. They decided to wait until the summer to try and get Jayson Tatum and spare parts from the Boston Celtics, who have the most assets to try and pull the trigger.

Still, the team just let their GM go, so that means any deal that he may have discussed may be off the table. Davis is a lock to leave the Pelicans in the summer, but, what if neither of those teams gets him?

3. Kyrie Irving Signs With The Los Angeles Clippers

Kyrie Irving

People are fully expecting Kyrie Irving to head out the door and leave the Boston Celtics in the summer, but most of them expect him to join the New York Knicks, especially if Kevin Durant is also on board.

Still, the Clippers have enough money to try and make a run at Kyrie and considering their coaching situation, impressive core and potentially Kawhi Leonard’s signing, Irving could be lured to the Staples Center. It would still be shocking, though.

2. Kevin Durant Signs With The Washington Wizards

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

All signs point towards Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors in the summer. More specifically, all signs point towards him signing with the New York Knicks, but, what if he decides to shock everybody and join his hometown team?

Kevin Durant wants to be ‘the man’, and turn a bad team into something great. The Wizards have a better core than the Knicks, and he could lead them to contention even with John Wall in the sidelines. That would be a great way to redeem himself.

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1. LeBron James Requests A Trade

LeBron James

If the Los Angeles Lakers failed to get a top-tier free agent in the summer, LeBron James could want no part of the team considering he’s heading towards the sunset of his career, shocking as it may be.

The Lakers don’t even have a president of basketball operations right now, and Magic Johnson played a huge part in him signing for the Lakers. Even at age 34, he’s still got a ton of value so I wouldn’t rule this possibility out.