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2019 Warriors Free Agency: Who Will Stay And Who Will Go

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Everybody wants to play for the Golden State Warriors, as they know is pretty much an easy ride to the NBA Finals. Sadly for them, just a handful of players can actually get the honor of playing with this dynasty.

Moreover, the Warriors have made a living off their long rotation and depth, so you know they’re going to be quite active in the summer like they’ve been used to doing since they appointed Steve Kerr as their coach.

But, with several key players set to hit free agency next season, who will stay and who will leave the defending Champions at the end of the season? Let’s break it down:


Jonas Jerebko

Credit: USA Today

Credit: USA Today

Jonas Jerebko has proven to be quite a solid fit for Steve Kerr’s system as a small-ball center in all-shooters lineups and he has made a name for himself in the team’s locker room for his hard work.

Jerebko won’t need much convincing to stay and he’s not going to demand much money either, so, assuming the Warriors want him (which it looks like they do), he’ll stay at the bay for quite longer.

Kevon Looney

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Even though Kevon Looney has failed to step up on his development the way we all expected him to do, he’s been quite solid for the Warriors, especially when they were shorthanded at the frontcourt due to injury.

Once again, Looney’s a perfect guy for the Warriors because he’s a hard-working guy that just does his job and doesn’t care about the money, which is tight at the bay with their cap space situation right now.

Klay Thompson


Well, keeping Klay Thompson is one of the team’s top priorities for the summer, especially with the Los Angeles Lakers allegedly interested in making a run at the two-way shooting guard in free agency.

Thompson wants to play with the Warriors for his entire career and he’s earned the right to get a huge paycheck from the team this summer thanks to his contributions in both ends of the hardwood in 3 Championship runs.

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Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell is an incredibly talented player, but his misbehavior, poor work ethics and lack of discipline have really stalled his development, and it looks like the Warriors are just through with him.

The Warriors have already suspended him for breaking the team’s rules and he’s looked careless off the court more often than not. Given his talents and defensive impact, more than a team likely to overpay for his services.

Shaun Livingston


It’s been a hell of a run for Shaun Livingston and the Golden State Warriors, but lingering pains and age make everybody think is just time to call it a day already. Livingston is most likely to retire, and the team wouldn’t offer him a contract extension anyway.

Livingston was asked about a potential spot in the team’s front office and he claimed he’d think about it a couple of months from now. Still, from suffering one of the most gruesome potentially career-ending injuries to 3 time NBA Champion, he just can’t complain.

DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins

Steve Kerr pretty much shut the door on the Golden State Warriors resigning DeMarcus Cousins earlier in the season, and that’snot likely to change even if they don’t keep Kevin Durant beyond this season.

Cousins needs to have a bigger role in the offense in order to get comfortable, and he already gave up a lot of money to sign with the defending Champions this season. Also, he’s going to be heavily pursuit by the Lakers, Clippers, and Mavericks.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant

Ever since the start of the season, rumors pointed towards Kevin Durant heading out the door in the summer, and, truth to be told, he’s done nothing to put those rumors at ease throughout the campaign.

Fans, insiders and even NBA players actually believe the reigning Finals MVP is already done with the Warriors, and while he’ll be pursued by the Clippers and Nets, he’s a lock to sign with the New York Knicks.

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