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21 years ago: Reggie Miller- 8 points in 9 second

Reggie Miller vs. New York Knicks, 1995

Reggie Miller had so many epic NBA moments in his career.

He scored fadeaway three-pointer against Chicago Bulls (Game 4, 1998) with less than a second left and the Pacers won the game, but lost the series.

He scored 25 points in the fourth quarter against New York Knicks (Game 5, 1994) in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Pacers won, but lost the series again.

Against Los Angeles Lakers, Shaq and Kobe in the NBA Finals (Game 4, 2000), he scored 35 points, but they lost the series 4-2 and the Lakers won the NBA Championship.

He had so many greatest moments of the NBA, but we all remember amazing performance against the Knicks. That was his best moment in the NBA career.

It was 21-years ago, On May 7, 1995, Reggie Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds to beat the New York Knicks in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference semifinals.

The New York Knicks had a 105-99 lead with 18.7 seconds left in Game 1 of the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals against their hated rivals, Reggie Miller and the Indiana Pacers.

"We were shell-shocked," says Anthony Mason, the former Knick, years later. "We went numb after his second three. We became totally disoriented. It was like a terrible nightmare that you couldn't wake up from. I still think about it today. I can laugh about it now. I wasn't laughing then, that's for sure."

"What shocked me was that Reggie had the presence of mind to not take a quick two-point shot and instead took one dribble and got back behind the 3-point line to shoot a three," Larry Brown, the ex-Pacers coach, would say years later. "That takes an amazing athlete to do that, a guy who literally has ice in his veins, a guy who loves the pressure and is willing to face the consequences if he doesn't make the shot."

Asked years later why he went for that second three instead of opting for an easy two, Miller smiled.

"I wanted to drive a stake through their heart," he said (via Rick Weinberg of

Source: Grantland

• There are 18.7 seconds left. The Pacers are losing 105-99.
• Mark Jackson inbounds the ball to Reggie at the left wing.
• Reggie catches it, corrals his momentum, then rattles in a 3 over John Starks. The Pacers are losing 105-102. There are 16.4 seconds left.
• Anthony Mason grabs the ball to bring it in.
• Everyone is covered.
• Mason panics.
• As he starts to fall in bounds, he tries to lob it to Greg Anthony.
• Anthony falls down after Reggie semi-shoves him from behind.
• Reggie steals the ball as it floats into play just outside the key.
• He takes one dribble to get to the 3-point line, turns around, then insta-fires another 3.
• It swishes in. He begins his swagger walk down court. Tie game with 13.2 seconds left.
• Starks gets fouled on the inbounds play.
• Starks, who shot near 74 percent from the free throw line that season, misses the first free throw.
• Reggie does the most adorable clap-clap, double-fist-pump, clap move.
• Starks misses the second free throw.
• The rebound gets batted around some before Patrick Ewing plucks it out of the sky like a very large, unattractive bird catching an insect.
• Ewing flicks it back up at the rim.
• Reggie semi-tries to block Ewing and doesn’t get within three feet of blocking Ewing.
• The ball bounces out of the rim.
• Miller grabs the rebound.
• Miller gets fouled by Mason with 7.5 seconds left.
• Miller, who shot near 90 percent from the free throw line that season, makes the first free throw.
• The Garden is dead.
• Miller makes the second free throw.
• The Garden is more dead.
• Mason inbounds the ball to Anthony (AND NOT STARKS I DON’T KNOW WHY).
• Anthony dribbles it up the court.
• Anthony panics.
• Anthony falls down.
• Anthony super-panics.
• Buzzer.
• Game.

The #1 Knick-killer of All-Time is Michael Jordan. #2 may be Reggie Miller.