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3 Moves That Could Save The Cleveland Cavaliers Future


With the departure of LeBron James, the chances of the Cavaliers making the Finals again any time soon is very slim. During last season the Cavaliers made some big trades to receive younger players and perhaps even prepare for LeBron leaving.

After drafting Collin Sexton the Cavs now have a younger core that looks good for the future. it is unclear what the franchise will do whether they tank the season or trade players like all-star forward Kevin Love they need to make a change.

3. Trade The Sharp Shooters


Both Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith showed during the playoffs that they can still shoot those long shots beyond the arc. With both players having big contracts with the Cavs the best thing to do could be to trade them while they still have value. The Cavs could receive good role players or draft picks if they decide to do so.

2. Trade Kevin Love


After losing Kyrie and LeBron recently the last star remaining is Kevin Love but should the Cavs trade him? Rumors say that the Lakers are interested in him but the Cavs don't seem to be interested in trading him.

If the Cavs decide they do want to trade him it would have to be a very good deal. Kevin Love helped a good amount during the consecutive Finals trips which makes him a high asset.

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1. Tank Tank Tank!

It's obvious that the Cavaliers will not be making the Finals any time soon with no LeBron. With the organization's objective very unclear maybe the best thing for them to do is tank the next season.

If they tank they can get a high draft pick that they can either trade for a good player (maybe even an All-Star) or they can draft a young player like Zion Williamson or R. J. Barrett. Whether they keep the draft pick or trade it they will have a new great player that should help them make it to the playoffs.