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3 Perfect NBA Superteams That Would Be Undefeated And Have 98-0 Record

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Superteams and Dynasties are arguably the most memorable parts of NBA history. When a great team keeps winning, the entire narrative of the league is built around knocking the champs off the throne. This makes for some excellent storylines during a season, and some even more arguments and analysis down the road.

The NBA has been fortunate to have some all-time great teams including the Bill Russell-led Celtics that won 11 NBA titles, the Showtime Lakers led by Magic Johnson, and the Chicago Bulls Dynasty that went 6-0 thanks to the trifecta of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Phil Jackson. Most recently, we have seen the Golden State Warriors that had 4 All-NBA talents on one team that made 4 straight NBA Finals.

But if we could create a Superteam by mixing the greatest players of every area, would they go 98-0 including the playoffs to win a championship? Here are the 3 perfect Superteams built around the best players of all time.

Superteam 1.0 - Led By Michael Jordan

Superteam 1.0 - Led By Michael Jordan

Point Guard: Stephen Curry

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan

Small Forward: Scottie Pippen

Power Forward: Charles Barkley

Center: Hakeem Olajuwon

Any team with Michael Jordan and another All-Star can become a Superteam, but giving MJ 4 other Hall of Famers makes this hysterical for the rest of the league. MJ is unstoppable on offense and on defense, and it is the reason he has 6 titles with 6 Finals MVPs. So we know MJ will do his thing as the leader of this squad.

But Stephen Curry will rain threes from the heavens when playing alongside Mike. MJ attracts an automatic double-team or else he will win the game on his own. Curry will have more open shots playing alongside MJ, giving defenses a massive headache to handle. You can't give Curry an inch of space because he is too lethal as a shooter.

With Scottie Pippen alongside Mike, the perimeter defense is near perfection. Scottie might be the best perimeter defensive player ever and his pairing with MJ allowed the Chicago Bulls to win 6 titles. If it wasn't for Scottie Pippen, there is no Bulls Dynasty. Pippen will also handle the ball a bulk of the time, feeding Curry off screens and MJ on the block.

Down low is where this Superteam will go 98-0 without a shadow of a doubt. While Curry, MJ, and Pippen alone could break the NBA record for most wins in a season; the additions of Barkley and Olajuwon down low means they go 98-0.

Charles Barkley is a legend and Hall of Fame player who carried the Phoenix Suns to an NBA Finals appearance against the Chicago Bulls in his MVP season. Barkley has the capability to lead a team to the Finals, and be a vocal presence on the court. He played hard and was extremely tough on the boards.

Having Hakeem Olajuwon next to Barkley is just hilarious. Hakeem might be the best low post scorer in history because he had every trick and move in the book. Hakeem was a willing passer, one of the best defensive big men ever, and had the intangibles of a winner. There is simply too much Hall of Fame talent and skills on this team, meaning MJ and Superteam 1.0 will go 98-0 to win an NBA title.

Superteam 2.0 - Led By Kobe Bryant

Superteam 2.0 - Led By Kobe Bryant

Point Guard: Magic Johnson

Shooting Guard: Kobe Bryant

Small Forward: Kawhi Leonard

Power Forward: Tim Duncan

Center: Shaquille O'Neal

With Magic at the point, this team will always have open shots and the key players will get the ball in the right spots every time. With so much talent on this team, it will be Kobe Bryant that steals the headlines. He is the most capable scorer and the go-to guy in the clutch due to his shot-making, so Bryant will be the primary option on the perimeter.

Kawhi Leonard will be tasked with shutting down the opposing team's best player and hitting his outside shots. In typical Kawhi fashion, he will play within the flow of the game and get his numbers at the end of the night. Kawhi will be the Scottie Pippen to Kobe's Michael Jordan, making an excellent pairing on the perimeter.

Down low, Shaq and Duncan will be the difference makers. With Magic feeding them the ball down low, they will destroy defenses and be imposing on defense. There is no chance for any opponent's frontcourt to be able to handle the greatest power forward ever and the most dominant player ever. They are simply too skilled, too large, and too dominant.

This team would go 98-0 without any chance of losing a single game. They are too complete on both ends of the court with leaders at every position, and the greatest point guard ever at the helm.

Superteam 3.0 - Led By LeBron James

Superteam 3.0 - Led By LeBron James

Point Guard: LeBron James

Shooting Guard: Dwyane Wade

Small Forward: Larry Bird

Power Forward: Kevin Durant

Center: Wilt Chamberlain

LeBron's Superteam is absolutely stacked with players that affect the game in every facet. James starts at point guard and will be the leader of this Superteam. Dwyane Wade is LeBron's best friend and former superstar teammate who won two NBA titles with him. Wade is the perfect fit alongside LeBron since they are masters on the fast break and linked up very well. They also prosper off one another defensively, while Wade gives LeBron a Hall of Fame clutch player to rely on.

Larry Bird and Kevin Durant are two of the best small forwards to have ever played the game, and they will absolutely wreak havoc on defenses with LeBron distributing the ball. Bird is one of the greatest shooters ever and one of the most clutch performers, along with Kevin Durant. KD is a legit 7-footer who can pull up from 30 feet and create his own shot whenever he wants. Bird is money from anywhere on the court, so they will have no problem swishing shots from deep when LeBron gets them the pass.

Finally, Wilt Chamberlain completes this unbeatable Superteam 3.0. Wilt is the greatest fantasy player ever because he fills up the stat sheet with points and rebounds like no one else. Wilt will own the boards and will clean up any misses on both ends. Having Wilt down low means that you can't play off KD or Bird too much, because Wilt will literally score 100 points in the paint all over again.

This team is unbelievably scary and would go a clean 98-0 with ease. They would cruise for most of the season and turn it on in the playoffs until they lifted the trophy.


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