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3 Reasons Why LeBron James Must Win The Championship This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

2020 NBA Playoffs has begun. The wait is finally over. The sporting world is watching the top 16 NBA teams battle it out to lay claim on the ultimate prize.

As media attention gathers steam, it becomes ever more urgent and compelling for LeBron James to win his next trophy. Below we study three top reasons why winning the championship is most critical for LeBron James.

Keeping Anthony Davis In Los Angeles Lakers

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

We have all heard the huge drama that led to the eventual landing of Anthony Davis in a Lakers uniform. The Magic-Rob internal fiasco, the firing of Luke Walton, the loss of a quality trio of Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart, are some of the painful processes that the Lakers fans and organization have to endure to reach this point.

If the Lakers do not win this year, it would have failed the objective set collectively for this season. Does Anthony Davis have the patience to wait another season? The draw of his hometown Chicago Bulls is strong as it is public fact that Anthony would love to have a stint with the Bulls for nostalgic and familiarity purposes.

In order to effectively secure the long term prospect of the Lakers, they need to win right away to avoid the exit of Anthony Davis and the subsequent crumbling of this roster.

A Chance To Beat Michael Jordan's Legacy

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Despite not admitting it openly, LeBron James is aware that he is the only active NBA player who has any chance to overtake the legacy of Michael Jordan.

Considering the core competency of basketball, LeBron is already in the conversation for the top five or top three figures in NBA history. Whether LeBron solidifies his stature as a legend depends on how much more winning basketball he plays.

Right now, he still has some way to go to break more records, rise up the all-time lists, collect more individual and team honors, as well as participate in more All-Star games.

LeBron James won three out of nine Finals while Michael Jordan won all six of his Finals outings. LeBron bagged three Finals Most Valuable Player awards compared to Jordan who bagged six. LeBron won four regular seasons Most Valuable Player awards but Jordan took home five of the awards. LeBron made it into six All-Defensive teams while Jordan made it into nine teams. In addition, Jordan won the 1987/88 Defensive Player of the Year award, an award that eluded LeBron a few times.

So it seems like LeBron still needs some work before he can surpass Jordan's basketball accolades.


LeBron James Is Focused And He Wants 4th Ring

Year 17 of LeBron James's career is nothing short of amazing. But how long can he remain at such an elite level and lead a team to the Finals?

The window of opportunity is narrow and fast getting shorter. As father time catches up, which it sure will to all NBA players, LeBron will have less and less physical capacity to play winning basketball. If he wants a realistic chance to get another trophy, this Playoffs is the best and possibly the last few seasons he can try.

There you have it, the top three reasons why LeBron James needs to clinch his next trophy right now, as the Playoffs clock goes ticking down.


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