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3 Reasons Why Stephen Curry Will Win His 3rd MVP Award This Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Steph Curry will enter the season with one thing on his mind: impacting the game at the highest level in order to lead his team into the Playoffs.

After losing Klay Thompson to injury, the weight of his team will be on his shoulders. He will be forced to carry the load offensively, and be the main focal point each and every night. While he has certainly lived up to that pressure before, he was often backed up by a group of solid guys who are no longer here due to injury, trade, or free-agency.

With all the tides pointing against him and his team's success, Curry will have one of his greatest seasons and win the regular season MVP. Here are the reasons why.

A One-Man Show

Curry will be easily his team's best player and number one option this season. During the past few seasons, he often had Kevin Durant to be the main man and thus take all the pressure when things went South.

Now it is Curry's team, and he will be the main to get all the praise when he performs. If the past two MVP seasons are any indication, Curry is very capable of putting forward legendary seasons as the team's best player. He will have complete freedom offensively and will take (and make) the most shots. In a league driven by stats and analytics, Curry will be very efficient from the perimeter and put up astronomical scoring numbers every night. Pundits and fans will certainly recognize this.

Proving Doubters Wrong

Curry has often been the "golden boy" of the league over the past few seasons and is one of the most likable athletes in recent memory. But it seems the tides have turned and many are expecting Curry to fail this season. Critics will point to KD as being the best player on the Warriors, and the reason for two straight championships.

But Curry wants to prove why he is the main man for the Warriors and has always been. For the first time in his career, he will want to prove something and he will succeed in doing so. If Curry can average around 30 points per game and lead his Warriors team to a top-4 seed in the West, he might become the overwhelming favorite for the MVP Award.

Personal Goal

Winning three MVP awards is special in its own right, and only a handful of players have achieved this in NBA history.

At the very least, Curry will be aiming to have his greatest season ever and push his team to a top seeding in the West. That is quite a goal, but Curry is one of the few capable of doing it. He has been around the league for a long time now and knows how to impact the game.

If Curry is able to make dominating this regular season his personal goal, he has the best opportunity to do so thanks to his global recognition, entertaining style of play, production, and individual circumstances that forces him to play without his main running partner in Klay Thompson.


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