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3 Reasons Why The Brooklyn Nets Will Win The 2021 NBA Title With Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving

3 Reasons Why The Brooklyn Nets Will Win The 2021 NBA Title With Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving

The 2021 season is finally here and we have seen some excellent performances by some of the NBA's best players so far. One team that has stood out has been the Brooklyn Nets as they have blown out their first two opponents by a minimum of 25 points. The Golden State Warriors with 3-time NBA champion Stephen Curry stood no chance and neither did the Boston Celtics with superstar Jayson Tatum.

The Brooklyn Nets have the most talent in the East and also the best overall team. Looking ahead to the postseason, they have the best chance to make the Finals and win it all. Here are the 3 main reasons the Brooklyn Nets will be crowned NBA champions at the end of this year.

3. Steve Nash And Mike D'Antoni Will Create An Unstoppable Offense In Brooklyn

Steve Nash was one of the best playmakers in NBA history. His ability to control the pace of the game and play fast was the reason he won 2 straight MVP Awards. Nash was a magician with the ball and one of the most unstoppable guards ever who did not need to score to be effective. His coach, Mike D'Antoni, was also the architect behind the dominance of Steve Nash.

Now with Steve Nash and Mike D'Antoni part of the coaching staff in Brooklyn, the team has a chance to be unstoppable on offense. It is expected that a legend with the basketball min of Steve Nash will coach his team the same way he played. Pushing the pace, finding guys for excellent looks, and applying non-stop pressure on the opposing defense will be the way the Nets will likely play.

No duo in the NBA puts that kind of pressure on a defense like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and there is no doubt they will be brilliant on offense. The coaching staff in Brooklyn is perfect to boost the Nets' title chances, and a major building block for their title run this season.

2. The Nets Are Incredibly Deep With Spencer Dinwiddie And Caris LeVert

The Nets superstar duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will get most of the credit for the team's brilliant play, but the roster is incredibly deep. Spencer Dinwiddie is a legitimate All-Star player who averaged 20.6 PPG and 6.8 APG last season and can be a very important third option for Brooklyn. Caris LeVert, the player with the most potential on the roster, is fresh off a season where he put up 18.7 PPG. These two players are excellent pieces that complement Kyrie and Durant perfectly.

But it doesn't end there. Joe Harris shot 42.4% from three last season and is one of the best knockdown shooters in the league. Harris will be a very important piece on offense and there is a reason why Brooklyn committed $75 million to him. The addition of Landry Shamet is also a big one because Shamet shot 37.5% from three last season.

Brooklyn's inside game is also very dominant. DeAndre Jordan has been one of the league's best rebounders and post defenders over the last decade and athletic big man Jarrett Allen is a perfect backup. With an array of scorers and athletes around the two superstars, Brooklyn is primed for an NBA Finals run.

1. Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Are The Best Duo In The World

A perfect coaching staff and excellent roster depth are important pieces to winning an NBA title. But the NBA is all about superstars and Brooklyn has two guys who can claim that. Kevin Durant's career scoring average of 27.0 PPG speaks for itself and he is a 2-time NBA champion and Finals MVP. Kyrie Irving's career average of 22.4 PPG does the same, and he also has an NBA championship to his name. Offensively, no duo can come close to them.

Durant and Irving have taken over the first two games of the NBA season including a 28-point beat down of the Boston Celtics. Durant is basically 90% of his original self following his severe injury and Kyrie Irving looks to be back to full health. When they get going, which they have so far, no team in the NBA can stop them. Irving is too crafty with the ball and can create his own shot at any time, automatically creating a mismatch with any point guard in the league.

Kevin Durant's ability to shoot over any NBA defender with a hand in his face will be Brooklyn's unstoppable weapon whenever they need a bucket. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are the best duo in the NBA and they will be the driving force behind a very possible 2021 Brooklyn Nets NBA championship.


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