3 Reasons Why The Houston Rockets Are Overrated

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The Houston Rockets are receiving a great amount of hype right now. Understandably, you have a top 5 player in basketball in James Harden. On top having the Beard, now you’ve traded a run down Chris Paul for a superstar in Russell Westbrook, an arguably top 10 player in basketball and a top 3 point guard.

These two have chemistry together from their OKC days, but I believe it’s destined for disappointment. Here are three reasons why the Houston Rockets are looking overrated.

3. D’Antoni’s System Doesn’t Win Championships


Am I wrong here? We have seen Mike D’antoni come up short on numerous occasions to coach a championship-level basketball team. His system of only taking three-pointers and layups has made the Rockets tough to watch over the years. The capability of hitting 20 or missing 27 straight.

The Rockets refrain from taking long twos or even mid-range shots making their offensive schemes very predictable. The seven seconds or fewer Suns team accomplished nothing. The New York Knicks disappointed and the Houston Rockets are the Warriors little brother.

2. Russell Westbrook Doesn’t Fit

Max Kellerman: ‘James Harden And Russell Westbrook Are Team Players’

Sure the trade to Houston was an absolute blockbuster trade, but that does not excuse us from deeming it highly questionable. Part of what makes Westbrook a dangerous player is his nice mid-range game. Westbrook is not a good three-point shooter and shooting more at a volume percentage will not help.

Brodie also needs the ball in his hands to be effective and Harden is who the offense should run through. Westbrook is not good off the ball. Houston we have a problem. Stupid front office decisions will handicap this team.

1. Russell Westbrook’s Low Basketball IQ

Charles Barkley: 'Russell Westbrook Gives 150% Every Single Game And All He Does Is Get Criticized'

Do not get me wrong, Russell is a great talent. The difference is having talent does not by any means equate to a high basketball IQ. Westbrook is notorious for playing hero ball in late games. Ask Kevin Durant, Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, and Victor Oladipo, Westbrook is no willing to defer to a better player in crunch time.

Harden is a more clutch player and far more efficient than Russell Westbrook. Westbrook does not take criticism well either and now the expectation is not just a deep playoff run, but a Championship.

Can Westbrook adapt his playing style to fit this Houston Rockets team? Can Russell Westbrook defer to the better player in James Harden? Westbrook never deferred to the better crunchtime player in OKC. What has changed to make us believe any different? I think the Houston Rockets will take a step back this year. Presently, this team is not better than the Clippers, Lakers, Nuggets, or Trail Blazers. The fit is terrible.

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