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3 Reasons Why The Warriors Need To Trade Draymond Green And D'Angelo Russell

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The Warriors have been an absolute mess this season, with a complete inability to defend any team they play along with a lack of talent due to a very unfortunate injury bug.

The Warriors now can only field two All-Star caliber players in Draymond Green and D'Angelo Russell. While they can probably keep the Warriors out of the lottery before Steph Curry returns, it might not be in their best interest.

In fact, the Warriors need to trade both Draymond and D'Angelo if they want to return to the top of the league. While Russell has tremendous talent and looks to be a superstar in the making, he must be made expendable. Similarly, Green has been a key player to the Warriors culture but he must be moved also.

Here are the reasons why the Warriors need to pull the plug on their two stars.

1. Clear Cap Space

(via Sporting News)

(via Sporting News)

The Warriors must begin to maximize their cap space for next season, and for the next few years. Keeping a guy like Draymond Green, who still has a few more years of a maximum salary left, prevents the Warriors from having any sort of financial freedom going forward. As good as Green is defensive, he might not be the impact player needed for the Warriors to return to the top of the West.

Trading players and ensuring a large amount of expiring contracts is an extremely strong way of making a better future for the franchise. With some big names coming up in free agents, now is the time to prepare.

2. 2021 NBA Free Agency

Anthony Davis, Giannis, Drummond Warriors

There are some very large fish in the pond who will be free agents very soon. Big names such as Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Andre Drummond are free agents in 2021. Surrounding Curry and Klay with one or two of these big names would make the Warriors a superteam once again, possibly the second dynasty in the span of one decade.

Giannis might not find success with the Bucks this season, thanks to the 76ers and the two LA giants, and playing with Curry and Klay might make his mouth water.

Similarly, Drummond is a monster defensive big man who will thrive next to the two superstar perimeter scorers. The Warriors are still one of the most popular destinations for top free agents, so they should take advantage and start aiming to sign one or two major free agents.

It would be unbelievable to imagine a team with Giannis, Klay, and Steph that would run riot across the league much like they did with Kevin Durant. Andre Drummond would also make them close to unbeatable, thanks to his tremendous length and athleticism.

Anthony Davis, although likely to re-sign with the Lakers, might be convinced to sign with the Golden States. Superteams are becoming the norm in the NBA, and the Warriors might be the originators.

3. Young Players and Draft Picks

LaMelo Ball Warriors

In order for the Warriors to create cap space for major free agents, they need to make smart trades. In order to hit two birds with one stone, they should target young players and draft picks to make this happen.

The Warriors should move on from Green and Russell, by trading them for as many first-round picks as possible. This will allow them to rebuild through the draft, while also aiming to sign big-name free agents to pair with Steph and Klay.

The Warriors' front office should also target young players, so they can grow with the Warriors while also providing them with enough depth to help support the superstar players in the team. The Warriors have been known to stack their team with depth, so they can cover this as well.

The Golden State Warriors are one of the most well-run organizations in the NBA, with a great owner and general manager. At the same time, they have two HOF players in Klay and Steph; and they should aim to build around these two by moving on from both Draymond Green and D'Angelo Russell.


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