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3 Teams That Could Risk A Lot By Trading For Kawhi Leonard


Kawhi Leonard’s saga has been out of control all year long, with several stories pointing towards and imminent departure from the San Antonio Spurs, something that seemed unbelievable until he’s finally opened up.

The Klaw has stated that he has no desire to be a team’s star and would rather play alongside other top-notch players in order to take some pressure off his shoulders and that he would like to be traded before the start of the next season.

Also, he’s openly stated that he wants to be in Los Angeles and that he will sign a contract to join the Los Angeles Lakers next season regardless of where he plays next year. Naturally, that’s not going to stop other teams to try and make a run at him and convince him to say beyond this season, something that seems quite unlikely. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 3 teams that could risk a lot to get Kawhi.

3. Los Angeles Clippers: Tobias Harris, Shai-Gilgeous Alexander, Jerome Robinson, future 1st Round Pick

The Los Angeles Clippers could try to pursue Kawhi, also being on his favored city and not having the pressure to compete for a Championship right away, something that wouldn’t happen if he signs with the Lakers.

Nonetheless, they should just try and accumulate as many assets and Draft picks as they can and just tank next season, and they should be trying to dump as much salary as their can instead of trying to lure an All-Star to a team doomed to miss the playoffs.

2. Philadelphia 76ers: Robert Covington, Dario Saric, future picks

The Philadelphia 76ers need another star to become a true contender in the Eastern Conference, but if they can’t get a commitment from Leonard, they shouldn’t even bother making an offer for him.

Philly is going to draw a lot of attention this next season and several great free agents will be delighted with the chance to join Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, so they better focus on the future instead of risking it all for a one-year rental.

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1. Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier, Jayson Tatum

The Boston Celtics were one star shy of making it to the NBA Finals and would’ve had a much better shot at beating the Golden State Warriors than the Cleveland Cavaliers, even without the likes of Kyrie Irving or Gordon Hayward.

With all of them healthy, there’s no reason whatsoever to try and make a deal to get Leonard on board for one year just to watch him walk away and sign with their lifelong rivals, so they should just hold on to their young studs and build a dynasty for years to come.