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4 Dark Horse NBA Destinations For Kevin Durant

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Kevin Durant is almost a lock to leave the Golden State Warriors in the summer, or at least, that’s what most insiders, GMs, coaches, players, and fans all over the world think he’s going to do.

The All-Star forward is going to have plenty of offers on his table, but still, most signs point towards him signing a huge deal with the New York Knicks to become their latest marquee player for the long run.

Even so, Durant is not the kind of guy that does things just to please somebody else, and given the way he deals with the media, there could still be a slight chance he’s just going to do whatever he wants and sign with a team no one even expected him to have a meeting with.

This one’s a huge long shot, but it’s still worth considering, so let’s take a look at the top 4 dark horse destinations for Kevin Durant this summer.

4. Chicago Bulls

Kevin Durant wants to be his own man. He wants to turn something bad into something great to fix the damage he did to his fans when he left the Thunder to join the Warriors. Even if he became twice as successful as he could’ve been at OKC, his legacy took a major hit.

So, what better way to redeem himself that bringing this franchise back from the ashes? They have a great young core with Dunn, LaVine, Porter, Markkanen, Carter Jr and a potential top-5 pick.

3. Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles Clippers are allegedly going to go all-in on Kawhi Leonard, but that doesn’t mean they can’t entice Kevin Durant as well, considering they’re on a prime position to contend right now.

The Clippers have a great coach, a great supporting cast and enough money to sign 2 top-tier free agents in the summer, and you know Steve Ballmer is going to try and convince Durant to stay put.

2. Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics could still get Kevin Durant, and that would definitely help them convince Kyrie Irving to stay at the TD Garden. Still, there’s a catch, as they would have to complete a sign-and-trade.

The Warriors would have to agree on this first, of course, and they would most likely ask for Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown, and/or Jayson Tatum in return. Can Danny Ainge make his magic work again?

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1. Washington Wizards

And finally, he could just fool everybody and join his hometown Washington Wizards in arguably the most shocking move in the history of the NBA. That way, he’d definitely redeem himself to the eyes of the fans.

Bradley Beal is one of the most underrated players in the league and with him and Durant this team could still make a playoff push while John Wall gets back. Still, they would most likely have to complete a sign-and-trade or make a lot of trades to clear some cap space to make a run at him.