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4 Reasons Why Russell Westbrook Will Finally Win The NBA Championship

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Without a shadow of a doubt, Russel Westbrook is one of the most dominant point guards we have seen in a very long time. His ability to put up astronomical numbers every single night is just one of the reasons why he has been selected to multiple All-NBA teams and All-Star appearances.

Westbrook is also extremely polarizing, thanks to his aggressive demeanor on the court and no-nonsense attitude off-the-court. As a result, many fans across the world write him off as a championship-level point guard. Many claims that he is too selfish, and is only concerned with his stats. We have also heard that he is too inefficient, and cannot be the best player on a championship team. And we have also heard rumblings that he cannot shoot the ball from the perimeter.

Despite all these criticisms, Russel Westbrook is a special talent that will one day hoist an NBA Championship over his head. His skill set, mental fortitude, and desire to be great will catapult him for a chance at an NBA title. Here are the top 4 reasons why Westbrook will be an NBA Champion.

All-Around Game

Westbrook is one of the most complete players in the league, especially considering what position he plays.

He can score with the best players in the league as evidenced by his multiple scoring titles and is one of the best playmakers in the game. He racks up assists easily thanks to his offensive skillset, by driving to the basket with lightning speed. Westbrook is very effective at finding the open man when defenses collapse on him. Over his career, Westbrook averages over 8 assists per game.

He can also finish at the rim with pure force, similar to the game’s best dunkers of all time. He is unstoppable when he's on the break, and when he has an open lane. Westbrook can also drain shots at a very high rate when he gets hot. Despite his low field-goal percentage, Russ is unstoppable when he gets hot with an ability to drain multiple jump shots in a row.

Finally, Russ has all the tools needed to succeed on the defensive end. He is quick, agile, and strong with a high basketball I.Q. Even though he does tend to take too many risks defensively, he is difficult to get by when he has his mindset on defense.

Russ has a unique skill-set that allows his teams to always remain competitive, something that is always required from a team’s alpha player.


Russel Westbrook has a profound impact on the game. He is one of the few players in the league that can completely control the game without scoring the basketball. When his jump shot is not falling, he can give 20 assists to his teammates. When the game becomes a slugfest, he fights for every possession and snatches rebounds over bigs. Whatever it takes to have an impact on the game, Russ is willing to do.

His impact on the game leaves everyone in the building aware that he is often one of the best players on the court. His incredible numbers over the past few seasons, including his triple-double craze, will go down in NBA history. Russ is a very dominating player and his impact is undeniable.


Even though Russ might deny it, he is well aware of all the criticisms of his game.

He is also aware that he has not been able to reach the NBA Finals heights in the past when he had Kevin Durant and James Harden as his running buddies. Even with Paul George, he could not get it done and even progress to the second round of the Playoffs.

The doubters and his frustrating defeats will only serve to motivate a player like Westbrook. He is of a rare breed, and will perform best when the entire universe is against him. Especially in Houston, playing next to another MVP in James Harden once again, he will be hungrier than ever to cement his legacy as one of the best point guards of all time.

It is only a matter of time.


If there is one aspect of Westbrook’s game that is undoubtedly true, it is his passion for basketball. He plays every game like it's his last, and will leave everything he has out on the floor.

Similar to Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant, he wants to make sure that every ounce of energy is left on the court. He wants to win and wants to dominate the opposition. In a league filled with buddies and best-friends teaming up together, Russ always has the belief that he is the best player on the court and that is enough to make him win. This is a very rare trait, that only a select few players have all-time.

His incredible skill-set, mixed with his impact and passion for the game will finally silence his critics and ultimately result in an NBA Championship.


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