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5 Big Reasons Why Kawhi Leonard Will Re-Sign With The Toronto Raptors

5 Big Reasons Why Kawhi Leonard Will Re-Sign With The Toronto Raptors NBA

It seems like the never-ending Kawhi Leonard saga has finally come to an end, as the San Antonio Spurs decided to bring DeMar DeRozan on board by sending the Klaw and Danny Green up north.

Leonard is drawing a lot of heat right now - and may I say, he deserves it - by how he mishandled all of this situation and the way he treated the San Antonio Spurs, so he’s going to be one of the players to watch all season long.

Kawhi has already stated that he wants to be in LA and people speculate he’s more likely to join the Lakers than the Clippers for obvious reasons. Even so, the Raptors took a major gamble in order to get a one-year rental on him, so they must be pretty confident about their chances to re-sign him. Today, we’re going to let you know about the reasons why he may actually stay.

4. Great Fan Base

The Toronto Raptors have built one of the most loyal fan bases in the world, with home games constantly being sold out and the whole city coming together to watch playoff games outside the Air Canada Centre when they come to the US.

Raptors fans are caring and loving and they’re going to make him feel right at home for sure, and him being the simple guy that he is, that’s going to be a major plus for him to think about when he wonders about his future.

3. Great Organization


Even though the Raptors have struggled to build a winning culture and have lost pretty much every single star they’ve had, the team’s organization is top-notch and they really know how to treat their stars.

Toronto is one of the best cities in the world and having Drake around as well as a great organization may be enough to convince Kawhi. Although, if he didn’t care for the Spurs, his standards may be way too high.

2. He Can Create His Own Superteam

Kawhi Leonard Toronto Raptors

Kawhi Leonard has stated that he doesn’t want to handle the pressure of being a leader and that he doesn’t want to be a team’s go-to-guy, so he has the chance to recruit other players to join him up north and build the newest superteam.

Kyrie Irving and Jimmy Butler are set to become free agents and they are reportedly very interested in teaming up to dominate the East. Your move, Kawhi, go ahead and pick up the phone.

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1. Immortality


As we mentioned before, the Toronto Raptors are now a winning team. They’ve lost their stars and have always choked in the playoffs, but they’re slowly taking steps towards being considered serious contenders.

So, if Kawhi can help this team go further and finally win an NBA Championship, he’s going to be considered the greatest player on Raptors history, have his jersey retired, and his figure immortalized in bronze outside of the ACC for sure.