5 Free Agents That Don't Want To Sign With The Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers are coming one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history, only comparable with that 2004 infamous Fab Four team where they lost in the Finals against the Pistons.

Either way, having LeBron James on board pretty much grants you that dozens of players are going to be lining up to join your team in the summer, as he loves to recruit top-tier talents to play side by side with him.

Moreover, judging for what we’ve seen from the team lately and how superstars have dealt with LeBron and the Lakers, we wouldn’t be our money on the Lakers landing some big names in this upcoming free agency.

Sorry, Lakers fans, but today, we’re going to let you know about the 5 free agents that will not sign with them in the summer.

5. DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins

With Kevin Durant heading out the door at the Bay, the Golden State Warriors are likely to try and make a run at keeping DeMarcus Cousins. He’s looked far from his former self, but a full season under Steve Kerr’s command would be perfect for him.

Moreover, after giving up that much money, Cousins is likely to want to be an alpha dog and will be wise to stay away from the Lakers drama, especially considering his volatile nature and hard-nosed character.

4. Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson 213132

Even though Klay Thompson has constantly been linked with a potential move to the Los Angeles Lakers because of his ties with the team for his father Mychal Thompson, there’s no way they sign him in the summer.

He’s repeatedly stated that he’s comfortable with the role and the money he’s getting at Golden State right now, and truth to be told, he would be dumb to leave a team that made the Finals in 4 straight seasons.

3. DeAndre Jordan

Los Angeles Lakers Looking To Add Center, But Knicks Say It Won’t Be DeAndre Jordan

The Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly interested in pursuing DeAndre Jordan in the buyout market, but the New York Knicks eventually decided to hold on to the veteran big man until the end of the season.

Even so, we just don’t see him coming back to Los Angeles and given his age, he’s likely to try and join a team where he could immediately compete for a Championship, rather than joining such a young team.

2. Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving

LeBron James has been openly trying to recruit Kyrie Irving to join him once again since Kyrie called him to apologize for his trade request while they were still teammates. Still, that’s just not happening.

Kyrie already wanted to leave him once, why would he want to join him again? Moreover, he’s been hanging out with Kevin Durant and the two of them are supposed to join forces, either in the Clippers or the Knicks.

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1. Kawhi Leonard

Lakers Rumors: Kawhi Leonard Doesn't Want To Play With LeBron James

And, obviously, there’s just no way they land Kawhi Leonard in the summer, even though the two-way superstar has openly talked about his desire to play in Los Angeles when he hits free agency next season.

Even if the Toronto Raptors don’t manage to convince him to stay up north, he’s expected to favor the Los Angeles Clippers in free agency, and rumors suggest he’s not interested in joining forces with LeBron James.