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5 NBA Draft Decisions That Could Change Everything

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Fadeaway World

The NBA Draft is one of the most important nights of the NBA season, as it gives us the chance to watch stars in the making walk through that aisle as if they were about to get married. As nervous and excited as you may expect.

Drafting is no easy task and good agents always find a way to make their prospects look like major studs, even though they’re not nearly half as good as everybody hopes they may be in the end.

Even though all franchises are aware of the fact that they could select better players, we’re going to let you know about 5 Draft choices that could’ve changed everything.

5. Los Angeles Lakers: Jayson Tatum (2017)


The Los Angeles Lakers landed a top-tier young point guard in Lonzo Ball. He’s supposed to be a Jason Kidd kind of talent that could take the ball into contention, even despite his father’s constant antics.

Even though, Jayson Tatum proved to be a superstar in the making with way more upside, so the Lakers could’ve been better off taking him, especially considering he’s the biggest Kobe fan you’ll find.

4. Phoenix Suns: Jamal Murray (2016)


With all the hype that surrounded Kristaps Porzingis, NBA agents were keen to make their own prospects look like young versions of Dirk Nowitzki, and that’s exactly why Dragan Bender was able to be drafted as high as he was.

Jamal Murray was clearly more talented, an NBA ready scorer with a lot of defensive upsides as well that instantly clicked with Gary Harris, and that could finally put an end to the Suns’ never-ending quest for a starting point guard.

3. Philadelphia Sixers: Kristaps Porzingis (2015)

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Jahlil Okafor looked as if he was going to dominate this league for ages to come, but the Sixers pretty much shut him down and he lost his shape, his rhythm and most likely his will to play after being one of the most hyped players in recent years.

Okafor was supposed to dominate the league, but we wind up being amazed by the Latvian Unicron, Kristaps Porzingis, the guy the Philadelphia 76ers should’ve gotten with that 3rd overall pick and that could create a deadly duo next to Joel Embiid.

2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Joel Embiid (2014)


The Cleveland Cavaliers had the chance to pretty much change modern basketball history by taking Joel Embiid, but they wind up taking Andrew Wiggins instead, a move that definitely paid off for them.

The Cavs won a Chip with the Kevin Love trade and Wiggins had a lot of playing time throughout his rookie season, so they were both winners here, but even so, we can’t help to wonder how things could’ve fared at the Land had they taken JoJo instead.

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Victor Oladipo (2013)


And last but not least, Anthony Bennett is once again closely tied with the word mistake. Bennett should not be on a basketball court, he’s never offered any kind of upside and he never will.

Instead, the Cavs could’ve gone with Victor Oladipo, who finally proved that given the right opportunity, he can be lights out scorer and great backcourt defender, a guy that would’ve thrived next to Kyrie Irving, and that could have learned a lot from LeBron James as well.