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5 NBA Players That Could Make A Comeback


In the NBA there is a lot of young talented players. Teams have turned their franchises around due to drafting well but what about veteran talent? veteran talent is important because it helps the young players improve their talents.

Most veteran players are experienced and have a high basketball IQ. Here are some NBA veteran players that are free agents and could make a comeback.

Chris Andersen

Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Picked up by the Nuggets in 2001 Chris Andersen was a beast! He was nicknamed "Birdman" for his wingspan that allowed him to be great at shot blocking and dunking. Andersen has played alongside players LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Tim Hardaway, Carmelo Anthony, and Dwyane Wade and has played 15 NBA seasons.

In 2013 he signed with the Miami Heat and won a championship. The last time he played in the NBA was in 2017 with the Cavaliers. Just recently he won a championship in the BIG3 on the team Power.

Andrew Bynum


Bynum was drafted in 2005 by the Los Angeles Lakers and is the youngest player to ever play in an NBA game. Bynum won 2 championships with the Lakers. In 2012 he was selected to be an All-Star and made All-NBA Second Team. He missed the 2012-2013 season because of knee problems and signed with the Cavaliers the next season but was traded to the Bulls to then be released.

The last time he played in the NBA was in 2014 on the Pacers. He has announced he wants to make a return to the NBA and if he could stay healthy he could be a good player coming off the bench.

Amar'e Stoudemire

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Stoudemire was drafted by the Phoenix Suns in 2002 and played with them until 2010. He is a 6×NBA All-Star and made All-NBA First Team in 2007. In 2007 Stoudemire was on the USA Olympic basketball team and won a gold medal. His last appearance in the NBA was in 2016 on the Miami Heat.

During his NBA career he had chronic knee problems and had to undergo multiple surgeries. He is currently playing in the BIG3 on the team Tri State. He looks to be playing well in the BIG3 and is remaining healthy.

Chris Bosh

chris-bosh miami heat

Bosh is one of the greatest power forwards of all time and is currently a free agent. Bosh was drafted by the Raptors in 2003 and played with them till 2010 until signing with the Miami Heat and joining LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. He is a 2× NBA Champion and an 11× All-Star. His last appearance in the NBA was in 2016 on the Miami Heat.

"Yeah, it's still on my mind," Bosh told Yahoo Sports of a potential comeback. "Obviously, if it doesn't happen by February, I'm not stupid, but yeah, I'm still looking forward to that. I'm still trying to overcome that hump and trying to get something going. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I know I can still play some ball and be a 3-and-D guy for somebody out there."

Because of a blood clotting condition, Bosh left the NBA but recently stated in February that he has not ruled out the possibility of continuing his playing career. If he can be confirmed of being healthy it is certain a team will pick him up.

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Glen Davis


Glen 'Big Baby' Davis was drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics but then traded to the Celtics in 2007 on draft day. In 2008 he won a championship with the Celtics as a rookie. He has played in 9 NBA seasons with the Celtics, Magic, and Clippers. In the playoffs of 2012, he averaged 19 ppg on the Magic. He is currently playing in the BIG3 on the team Power and won a BIG3 championship.