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5 NBA Players That We Want To Have A Strong Season

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Injuries and bad luck often take a toll on some of our favorite players’ NBA careers, and if there’s something we hate, is seeing talented stars struggle to live up to their potential after all we expected out of them despite their greatest efforts.

Sports are somewhat tricky and really hard to succeed at, as hundreds of factors collide on the way to stardom and sometimes things just don’t happen for some of the most talented guys that this game has seen.

Even though sports always give revenge and with the NBA regular season just about to start, all those fallen stars will get 82 chances for redemption and prove their doubters wrong by playing their hearts out and helping their teams reach the playoffs.

Today, we’re going to let you know about 4 players that every basketball fan should look up to and want to have a strong and bounce-back year after one of the several subpar seasons, and 1 player who is still loyal and who is one of the best point guards in the league.

5. Zach LaVine

zach lavine bulls

The young athletic freak was having a breakout season already the past season before suffering a season ending injury that’s still got him on the sidelines, and he’s set to become one of the Bulls’ franchise cornerstones for the future as soon as he’s able to get back on the court.

LaVine’s athleticism and versatility make him a prime bounce-back candidate this season, with his improved ball handling and shooting. Besides, his length allows him to play and guard as much as 3 spots, and his future’s definitely bright if he manages to stay healthy.

4. Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard has always been extremely underrated and even though he’s a fierce scoring machine and a monster down the stretch, and being caught in a not so good Portland Trail Blazers squad hasn’t done much to boost his reputation.

Still, being as competitive as he is, we expect Damian Lillard to have a breakout season and even make the All-Star team on his way to another playoff run and the scoring title, netting over 30+ points and 6 assists per game for RIP City this campaign.

3. Joel Embiid

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It’s been a wild journey filled with up and downs so far for Joel Embiid due to a lot of different and constant nagging injuries that have made him watch more games wearing a suit that actually dressing up, but he sure as hell proved his value this prior campaign in his debut season.

Embiid was the clear frontrunner to take home the Rookie of the Year award until he fell down with yet another injury, and after signing a very lucrative extension, we expect the standout big guy to continue to shove it into their hater's mouths and help the Philadelphia 76ers end their horrid playoff drought. We definitely trust the process.

2. Carmelo Anthony


Basketball hasn’t exactly been fair with Carmelo Anthony over the years, especially after the last couple of campaign when he was the main scapegoat on a team that was heading nowhere with or without the All-Star small forward.

There are a lot of questions about Carmelo’s ability to share touches and be the team’s 2nd or 3rd scoring option behind Russell Westbrook and Paul George, so he’s in a prime position to redeem himself and play for the team to try and end Golden State’s dominance in the Western Conference and win his first ever NBA Championship.

1. Derrick Rose

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

And finally, we really desire that Derrick Rose can go back to at least half of his former self, as he’s set to play for a big contract and LeBron James has already stated that he intends to help him get a lot of money after this season if he helps the Cleveland Cavaliers take the East one more time.

The former MVP has looked like a natural fit for the Cavs system so far in the preseason and seems locked down, focus, healthy and extremely motivated now that he has the best chance to play on the Finals he’s ever had on his career. Even though he’s not as explosive, he can definitely still ball, so let’s hope it all works out for him.