5 NBA Players With Limitless Range

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5 NBA Players With Limitless Range

The three-point shot is becoming a more common weapon nowadays that it was back in the day, up to the point where they've even submitted a proposal to push the three-point line further in the back to make it more difficult.

But, even with a farther three-point line, there would be a handful of players that could easily score from all over the world, knocking down shots most people would never be able to get through.

It looks like three-point specialists grow in the threes right now, but truth to be told, there are just 5 players that could easily knock down shots from half court and beyond every time they try to do it. Today, we’re going to let you know about the 5 players with unlimited range.

5. James Harden

James Harden thrives off making ridiculously long shots. He’s a master of the pull-up, but his step-back has become even deadlier throughout the course of his career, especially this season.

Harden creates a lot of space between him and his defender - obviously, traveling most of the time - and manages to get his shot to fall regardless of how far he’s shooting from. He’s the deadliest scorer in the league right now.

4. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is a shooting guard trapped on a big man’s body. He’s consistent and prolific from all three levels, and the fact that he’s taller than most of his defenders really gives him a huge advantage when pulling up.

Moreover, Durant has knocked down incredibly long shots throughout his entire career, especially from the right side of the court. His shot is just smooth as silk, and every time he shoots, you know it’s money time.

3. Trae Young

Trae Young has drawn a lot of comparisons with Stephen Curry because of the fact that he’s a prolific and crafty playmaker, a tweener point guard, a terrible defender, and a guy with unlimited range.

During his rookie season, Young wasn’t afraid to pull up from almost midcourt on a nightly basis and he consistently knocked down that kind of shots. Once he settles down and the game slows down for him, he’ll be deadly from everywhere in the court.

2. Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard is the clutchest player in the league. Period. Actually, he’s one of the clutchest players in the history of the game, as he’s the only guy to ever knock down two series-clinching three-pointers ever.

Lillard puts a lot of work on his shots from half court and it sure paid off. While Paul George may argue he took a bad shot, Lillard was 4-4 from beyond 30 feet during the series and didn’t even hesitate to take that huge step back three-pointer.

1. Stephen Curry

And, obviously, the guy with the most unlimited range in the league - and arguably in the history of the game - is Stephen Curry, the baby faced assassin, the greatest shooter basketball has ever seen.

Curry has made a living out of hitting shots from half court, from his own court and even from the tunnel during warmups. His release is quick and beautiful and has an incredibly high arc, and it just looks natural on him, like shooting a layup.