5 Players That Are Hall Of Fame Locks And 5 That Aren’t

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Making it to the Hall of Fame is no easy task for sure, as you need to record a lot of personal accolades, and be able to sustain outstanding performances over a long period of time in the most competitive basketball league in the world.

Some players are a lock to make it to the Hall of Fame even if they’re still years away from retiring, not only because of what they’ve been able to accomplish with their team but because of how much they’ve dominated the game for years.

Others look as if they could be borderline Hall of Famers, but that still need to prove a couple of things before entering the conversation. Today, we’re going to let you know about 5 players that are a lock to make it to the Hall of Fame, and 5 that are still not ready but could make it eventually.

They Need To Do More

5. Kyrie Irving


Kyrie Irving has won everything he’s played and he’s still pretty young, so he has a very big shot at making the Hall of Fame. Nonetheless, he’s still yet to prove that he can stay healthy throughout a full season.

Also, Irving has thrived while playing next to superstars but is yet to prove that he can single-handedly carry a team to the promised land, something that’s not going to happen unless he leaves the Celtics.

4. Damian Lillard


Damian Lillard is way better than people think. I actually believe he’s one of the clutchest and most reliable scorers I seen. Having said that, he’s nowhere near half as good as he thinks he is, and his overconfidence bites him in the rear at times.

Lillard is keen and determined to prove that he’s one of the league’s best players and if he’s able to take the Blazers to the Finals even with that subpar squad, then maybe he could be a hall of famer.

3. LaMarcus Aldridge


LaMarcus Aldridge is a second-tier big man, regardless of what people may say. Truth to be told, he hasn’t done anything that could make us think that he’s even worthy of Hall of Fame consideration.

Aldridge still has a shot at changing our minds if he’s able to lead the new-look San Antonio Spurs to at least a trip to the Finals, but he lacks the true character to step up when it matters the most.

2. John Wall


John Wall is one of the league’s most talented players. He’s fast, strong, athletic, an underrated defender and a hell of a passer, but he’s proven that he’s not a winner and lacks the kind of mamba mentality needed to thrive in this league.

Wall has the talent to lead the league in dimes and steals per game and become one of the all-time leaders in assists, so maybe that could turn the table in his favor, but up to this date, he’s not a hall of famer.

1. Derrick Rose


This one actually breaks my heart, because Derrick Rose was a lockdown hall of famer during his short - yet exciting - prime. Injuries really took a toll on the career of a guy that looks poised to dominate for ages.

We all love Derrick Rose and would love to see him make it to the Finals, win a Championship and earn his orange jacket. We would also love to win the lottery, but that’s not going to happen either.

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Future Hall Of Famers

5. Dirk Nowitzki


Dirk Nowitzki may also retire after this season and it’s truly been a hell of a run for the Big Teuton. Since he stepped up as the Mavs’ go-to-guy, Dirk became the best shooting big man ever.

He led the Mavericks to an NBA Championship by beating all the odds, won an MVP, and scored over 30 thousand career points, so there’s absolutely no reason why he wouldn’t be a lockdown hall of famer.

4. Stephen Curry

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Regardless of what his haters may say, Stephen Curry is a walking hall of famer. He’s the greatest shooter ever, one of the craftiest dribblers, a versatile scorer and the best player on the best team of the decade.

The Golden State Warriors are Stephen Curry’s team and will always be, and you can’t leave a 2-time MVP (1 unanimous) and 3-time NBA Champion out of the Hall of Fame, you just can’t do it.

3. Kevin Durant


Kevin Durant was already a borderline hall of famer when he was playing with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and now that he’s won back-to-back Championships and Finals MVPs, he’s a lock to make it.

Durant is arguably the most offensively skilled player in the world, mostly because of the fact that he’s a 7 footer that can move like a guard. Even if he’s lost the respect of most people, you can’t take that away from him.

2. Dwyane Wade


Dwyane Wade recently announced that he’s about to have a ‘last dance’, stating that this year was going to be sort of his farewell tour and he was about to call it quits after 16 seasons in the league.

If it wasn’t for Kobe Bryant, Wade would’ve been the best shooting guard of the decade. He’s one of the best backcourt defenders ever, a reckless scorer and a 3 time NBA Champion, not to mention the best player in Heat history.

1. LeBron James


Love him or hate him, you just can’t deny the fact that LeBron James is a hall of famer. He’s won it all, he’s done it all, he’s dominated basketball for over 15 seasons and looks as if he could still play at a top level for 4-5 more years.

Naturally, the fact that he has a terrible record in the Finals takes a toll on his legacy, but looking at the big picture, LeBron James is indisputably the greatest small forward to ever lace them up, and one of the greatest sportsmen ever.