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5 Reasons Why Kobe Bryant Should Come Back And Play For The Lakers

Kobe ‘Bean’ Bryant is the greatest player the Los Angeles Lakers have ever seen, period, and that’s something you can’t argue, that’s something you just have to deal with if you’re a Lakers fan.

The standout shooting guard paved his way to basketball heaven due to his restless work ethic, his mamba mentality and all the milestones he accomplished throughout his 20-year career dressed in purple and gold.

And now that the team has found it so hard to be successful without him, it would be great to just see him come out of retirement and team up with LeBron James to take the Lakers back to contention, and we’re going to tell you why.

5. Competitor

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Kobe Bryant has developed the Mamba Mentality. That’s a mindset all young ballers want to live up to, a thing all player crave but just a handful manages to achieve. If you ask me, Kobe is something of the likes of Basketball Yoda. Also, Jordan came back at age 38 and 39, and with Kobe being as competitive as he is, he may want to beat those numbers.

4. Los Angeles Lakers And NBA Need Him

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Lakers fans look up to Kobe Bryant as he was their very own old man, and truth to be told, the league hasn’t been the same without the black mamba constantly upsetting the media and then proving his doubters wrong with an outstanding performance. Also, his comeback would break records for ticket sales.

3. LeBron James

NBA Lakers LA LeBron James

LeBron James is the best player of his generation and the best small forward in the history of the NBA, but let’s not fool ourselves, he can’t single-handedly win an NBA Championship. He’s never done it and he never will. Kobe, on the other hand, could help James carry the load, and the fact that never faced each other in the Finals is also important.

2. Golden State Warriors

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Kobe Bryant is already a living legend and walking Hall of Famer, but if he comes back and puts an end to the never-ending dynasty, he might as well prove all his haters that he’s one of the greatest players to ever lace them up. If Kobe joins the Lakers, more stars will come along, even if that means joining the team mid-season (we’re talking about you, Dame and Davis.)

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1. 6th Ring

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Let’s not kid ourselves. Kobe Bryant desperately craved that 6th ring, not only because of the fact that the ring meant he was once again a champion, but because 6 rings meant tying Jordan. He always looked up to MJ, and he hated the fact that he was forced to retiring without a 6th Larry O’Brien Trophy.